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NEW INFO: DAS Corrects ‘Do Not Hire’ List

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The Iowa Department of Administrative Services has released a more current version of its “do not hire” list.

The list contains the names of employees barred from working for the state government because they were fired or resigned before they could be fired.

The most recent version of the list was released this week and indicates the following changes:

  • 25 individuals have been removed from disqualification status because their separation from the executive branch did not meet one of the criteria of IAC 11-54.2(6).
  • On the advice of the attorney general’s office, all individuals currently engaged in an employment appeal have been coded as pending. The status of 35 individuals was changed from disqualified to pending until resolution of the appeal process. At that time those individuals will either be placed in disqualified status or removed entirely from disqualified status. Individuals engaged in an employment appeal that apply for a vacancy and meet the minimum qualifications will be included on the eligible list provided to the hiring authority.
  • 21  individuals voluntarily agreed to not apply for executive branch employment but are not excluded according to the provisions of IAC 11-54.2(6).
  • 8 probationary employees have been removed from the attached publication. According to advice of the attorney general’s office, pursuant to an amendment to Iowa Code section 22.7(11), which became effective May 11, 2011, the name of a discharged employee is now a public record so long as the termination is the result of a “final disciplinary action upon the exhaustion of all applicable contractual, legal and statutory remedies.”  However, this does not include the discharge of any probationary or at will employees for whom no grievance procedure or administrative process to challenge the discharge as provided by law.  Those 8 individuals remain in disqualified status.
  • 1 individual is deceased.
  • 1 entry is a duplicate.