STORM SAFETY: Keeping Pets Safe During Storms

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Severe weather safety plans are important to have in place and practice with your families before storms hit to keep everyone prepared. For many families, this can extend to pets who can become very frightened, nervous and stressed during severe weather.

It is easy sometimes to overlook what you are going to do with pets, but with a few tips you can make things a bit easier to take care of your pets in a storm:

  •  Make sure you have a leash or portable kennel or another way to secure your pets after the storm. If in the event your home is damaged, you will need to be able to keep your pets from running off, or freely wandering over areas that could contain sharp debris like splintered wood or nails.
  • Grab a few toys to keep pets calm and focused on something other than the storm. This tip can be applied to general storms as well. If you have a pet that is stressed or upset during storms or thunder, grab a favorite toy and make storms “play time.” This can help train the pet to associated thunder with positive things, rather than fear.
  • Grab a few treats. Treats can also help keep the focus off the storm, and also more easily coax them into your shelter, especially if it’s a basement that is normally off limits.
  • Water bowls. It is also a good idea to keep some water handy as well, especially if the storms or you time to shelter lasts for extended periods.


A few tricks like these can help make severe weather preparation and protection a bit easier on your pets as well.

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  • Tulsa Veterinarian

    I think it is really a good idea to grab something for your pet to keep their focus away from the storm. Pets too can be stressed due to severe weather conditions. Thanks for posting.

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