VIRAL VIDEO: Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack

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This cat is a boy’s best friend. A father posted the dramatic video from a dog attacking his son in their yard — and the family cat saving the day before the dog could do further damage.


    • L. B.

      “I’d be stalking and shooting that worthless mutt” comment is exactly what is wrong with our society. The dog’s behavior is the product of it’s owner not providing the proper guidance, training or care for it…period. I’m tired of our society blaming the animal as if the humans have no responsibility in the acts of violence.

      This dog no doubt has had “issues” for quite some time that have gone ignored and unresolved. That falls back on the owner!

      And the cat’s reaction was probably because the dog has chased it before….Again…that falls back on the owner. Most city ordinances across this country have “leash” laws to help prevent situations like this.

      • Gerry

        @L.B. – I’m equally as tired of seeing people blame the owner. Not all animals are mean as a result of their owner, how they’re treated or anything else. Sometimes, domestic animals are just inherently mean. You don’t know anything about this dog and have no business assuming it’s the owners fault.

      • LRB

        I disagree. Dogs are products of their environment. In my 20 years of working with dogs, I’ve met only 2 that could not be rehabilitated or had “issues” that were uncontrollable. There is more to the story of this video for sure, but the dog lost it’s life because of ignorance of our human race. And that’s equally as tragic as the child being bitten. It most likely was preventable.

      • Joe W Jackson Jr.

        While I agree the dog is the product of the ones who own and teach him. You can not have crazed animals on the loose like that. They should shoot both the dog and the owners.

      • Brad

        Poeple like you are what is wrong with our society. At the end of the day, it’s a dog. Put it down, dog’s don’t have souls. All you people who love your dogs more than your children are idiots.

      • A. N.

        You have NOOO idea where this dog came from, if it had owners, what its been through, or its relationship to the cat. A dog rips apart a random child and youre just going to defend it and make excuses? The bottom line is its obviously extremely dangerous and should be put down before he puts anyone else in danger. Theres no excuse for attacking a child unprovoked.

        That cats a badass, When starting the video i thought the cat would claw and scratch the dog for attacking his child, but i was wrong. clearly this cats priority was to keep the dog away from the child at all costs. Score 1 for cats everywhere

      • Puma

        You are assuming this canine is domestic. It could be ferrel. What do you think of ferrel animals that attack? I’m not sure L.B. but I don’t see a collar on the dog… I might be wrong. This looks like desert community and as such there are many wild things that live in the bush.

      • Porkchopkid

        Or maybe the dog was just an a-hole…. We always assume that animals are born perfect and that it has to be humans that created a violent animal. Maybe some animals are just born psychotic and should be dealt with accordingly

  • Jess

    why doesn’t Mom pick up the child and take him in with her if he is injured that badly? My first thought was ‘who stands and videos their kid getting attacked by a dog’, but, after watching it, I assume the video came from security cameras on the house.

    Must be a well-loved cat who knows who his family is!

    • Bill Phillips

      I dont think that is the mom in the video it looks like a little girl then she runs for help

      • Jess

        why? get the kid in the house, don’t leave it there to be attacked again while you chase down the dog. You might say you want to catch it for concern of rabies. Do you want to be tackling a rabid dog?

  • Brent

    Hey, WHOTV. Why don’t you state in your captioning that there is gruesome footage at the end of the video? I just ate lunch.

  • Shirley Tucker

    What kind of dad just stands there and takes a video of a dog ready to attack a child. Child abuse.

    • Becki Jones Gursky

      Shirley, this dad did NOT stand there video taping this, it was clearly from security cameras at their home, to which later he would have played back all cameras to see what happened. First clue is NO sound

    • Eddie

      What kind of person wastes their time posting a comment like this? The video is clearly shot with little to no motion/shakiness. The angles of the footage make it pretty obvious these are security cameras attached to their property. The child was attacked for less than 5 seconds. How miserable are you?

  • Dr Catz

    Or it’s security footage, Shirley Tucker. Or the Dad can teleport. My guess is teleport.
    Also, Mike, please explain how you could possibly think the child is chasing the dog.

    • Janet Reed

      Dr. Catz I was under the impression that he,Mike, was referring to the adult woman, not the little boy. It’s very obvious that the little kid was not even aware of the animal until he was bitten and dragged off his bike. But I could be wrong.

  • Kristy

    Oh my gosh !!!! The dog needs exterminated immediately; thats alot of damage for one grab. That child would have been dead, had it not been for the cat. Job well done, brave and loyal little friend.

  • Ruby

    Kudos to the Cat, DOG should be put down , and owners of dog should be fined and pay for all medical…etc costs to the child.

  • Rita Kay

    Pet owners are responsible for their animals’ actions. Most cities have leash laws that require animals to be on a leash, or confined to the owners’ yard by a fence.

    I have had other peoples’ dogs charge and attack my dog when I was walking her, on a leash. My son and I have also been stared down, cornered, and growled at by large aggressive dogs when we were in our own yard!

    Some people should not be pet owners. Baby animals are adorable, but they do grow up rather quickly. Without the proper care and training, situations like this, or worse, can happen. The owners’ responsibilities also extend to spaying and neutering their pet and finding a new owner if they can no longer care for the animal.

    Thank goodness the kitty was on alert or we all know how this could have turned out.

  • Tanya Gutierro

    I saw this on the news this morning where the reporters gave more detail. The Father was not standing there recording this. It was captured by surveillance cameras. Also, the woman who ran to the boy and then ran away was the neighbor who owned the dog. She ran away to call 911. The dog has been taken away. Cool cat!!

  • sandee

    Im glad autism boy is okay and Im glad cat saved him. I blame on the irresponsible autism mother for not watching him. Any pedophile/sadistic can kidnap this autism boy and look what happen…it was a dog. Where was the mother?? I blame it on the irresponsible dog owner too, the dog was an 8 month labrador/chow mix, for not properly train, socializing, kept in the house or backyard while the dog escaped.

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