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ZOO BABY: ‘Surprise’ Two-Humped Addition

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The Blank Park Zoo will celebrate the grand opening of two new exhibits this summer.

One exhibit shows off Bactrian camels. Two of the camels arrived earlier this year and a third joined them a few months later.

They are from Mongolia and can handle temperatures from 25-below to 110-above. That means they’ll be out year round for zoo visitors to see.

Zoo keepers say they recently added a fourth camel to the mix when a baby came along unexpectedly.

“She was showing all the signs that we were assuming she would be ready for breeding ‘cause she was getting of the age where she’s ready which is roughly two, can be a little bit older, which would put her at three to three and a half before she gave birth. And we all just said okay she’s going through estrus, she’s developing as a normal camel should and a couple days later she dropped a calf in our laps,” says Chad Comer, animal curator at the zoo.

The baby camel is about four weeks old and won’t be put on full exhibit for some time.

The other new exhibit is an indoor viewing area for the penguins and Aldabra tortoise. That means you’ll get to see those animal even in the cold winter months.

The zoo also recently welcomed a baby kudu and wallaby joeys. More babies are expected to be born this summer.