SEBRING SAGA: Court Denies District’s Appeal

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The Iowa Supreme Court has denied a request for interlocutory appeal by the Des Moines School District in a lawsuit they are facing filed by former superintendent Nancy Sebring.

The court filed its ruling Wednesday in the case. Sebring is suing the school district, its spokesperson, the former school board president and a school attorney. She claims they deliberately released private e-mails she sent from her school district account that contained sexually explicit details.

An open records request by media was made when Sebring announced she was leaving the district to take on the superintendent position for Omaha Schools. She claims the district tipped off media to the content of some of the e-mails and that made them expand their open records request.

Sebring resigned abruptly in May of 2012 after learning the district was releasing the e-mails.

Attorneys for Sebring released a statement Thursday on the Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling saying, “The Iowa Supreme Court’s rejection of defendants’ motion for interlocutory appeal, coupled with Judge Pille’s earlier rejection of defendants’ motion for summary judgment, means Dr. Sebring will get her day in court, and that this case will finally move forward after almost a year of needless delay.”

The trial in the lawsuit is scheduled for November.


  • Jess

    For pete’s sake, hasn’t there been enough time, effort and money wasted on this incident yet?

  • Liz

    Des Moines register and school board turned against her for some unknown reason.. ….clearly out to get her.

    Any ideas?

  • John

    She will still loswe the cas. She was stupid enough to send the messages on a company laptop on company time. She is hoping the district offers a $ amount to just go away. I hope they do not. She is a poor example to the kids she was there to help and the community. This is a classic example of a person with no shame intent to get paid.

    • BrutallyHonest

      What makes her a poor role model, the same things that make all the professional sports players your kids watch on a daily basis unprofessional such as cheating on their spouses and having more than one mistress?

  • William

    Never a huge nancy Sebring fan while she was superintendent.

    But, what the school board did to her was unconscionable. I hope they have to pay her big time.

      • Jess

        I have no desire to pay the two timing slug a penny, thank you very much. Where exactly do you think the money will come from if she gets a big payout? The school, which means the taxpayers. I would much rather have that money spent on my kids’ education then some b*tch that couldn’t keep her pants on, and needed to cheat so bad she did it on my dime.

  • No_more_blaming_others

    The school board didn’t do anything to her. She did it to herself using a work/publicly funded computer system to send and, I assume, receive sexually oriented non-work-related e’mails. There was nothing at all illegal nor unethical here from the school administration. The only one to blame for all this is the very person suing and wasting local tax dollars. Stop the blame game!

    • Jess

      Couldn’t agree more!! She screwed up (ha ha) and now she is paying for it. If you’re going to have an affair, at least be smart enough to do it on your own time and use your electronic devices, not the time I (as a taxpayer) am paying for and the electronic device that I (as a taxpayer) paid for.

      And, yes, she should have been a better role model.
      Comparing her to professional athletes is just plain STUPID!! She took the job as a SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT! you pretty much know that your job is to make good decisions for young people. You should know that you are being held to a higher standard. It comes with the job.

      While I agree, it would be nice if more pro athletes were better people, they never signed on to be a part of the lives of children. Their job is to play hard and entertain. wasn’t Dennis Rodman one of the most entertaining people ever? I think he’s a sick, disgusting human being, and really, for a pro, not that great of a basketball player, but, like a train wreck, people couldn’t look away from him.

  • Mike Cee

    The blame lies solely with Nancy Sebring. She used a work email account and a work computer (both paid for by we the taxpayers) to carry on her trysts. And to top it off, her morals are so low that she was sleeping with a married man while she herself was still married.

    She’s a pathetic example of why we need more open records. What she does on her own time using her own resources is her business. But what she did on taxpayer time with taxpayer equipment should fall under the open records.

    Sadly, this loser was the person that was in charge of educating children in Des Moines. Des Moines kids deserve much better.

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