MANHUNT ENDS: Carroll Stabbing Suspect Arrested

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The man at the center of a day-long manhunt in Carroll has been found and arrested.

Police say 25-year-old Christine Burtnett was stabbed by her boyfriend, 27-year-old Mark Lee at about 7 a.m. Friday at 1308 North Main Street.

A neighbor told Channel 13 a woman covered in blood came to her house and pounded on the door asking for help.

“She was bloodied, had dried blood all over her face. She was very hard to understand. She could hardly talk, she couldn’t catch her breath,” neighbor Amy Carpenter said.

1_mug_Lee_MarkThe neighbor called 911 and said Burtnett told her she was stabbed Thursday night and had been trapped in the basement but was able to escape when the man who stabbed her left for work.

Burtnett was flown by air ambulance to a Des Moines hospital with stab wounds to her upper chest. Police say she is in a stable condition.

Officers tried searching for Lee at his workplace Friday morning and saw him about a block away from the business but he took off on foot and got away from police.

Officials locked down public schools in Carroll while the hunt for the suspect got underway. Schools dismissed on time but police were in full force making sure the bus routes were safe.

As the manhunt carried on into the afternoon, police told residents to be on the lookout.

“Our advice is to lock your cars and lock your homes. We believe he is looking for place to lay out and hide out,” Carroll police Chief Jeff Cayler advised.

That assertion proved to be correct when shortly after 8:30 p.m., Lee was found hiding under a deck of a home on the north side of town.

He has been charged with willful injury. Police say additional charges are likely.



  • Chelsey Morman

    You can not blame all black people cuz alot r good peolpe and then there r the bad ones there are bad in every race so stop being so racist.

  • Ramona

    Chelsey, who blamed all black people? The fact is that the suspect is black. Nothing racist about it, he is what he is, and that is African-American. Would it be racist if the photo and the article stated he was white, Asian, Indian, yada yada yada? C’mon, just knock it off.

  • Carroll Legend

    Leave it to the Carroll PD to lose a suspect in less than a block! Must be all that time they spend driving around in their cars doing nothing! I don’t remember EVER hearing of the Carroll police catching someone on foot! They have to go through trash to catch druggies for cripes sake!

    • David

      Oh my. Lots of Monday morning quarterbacks as well as all kinds of folks who “know” about policing and the lazy, corrupt, and ineffective habits of the cops who do such a poor job serving their communities. I live in Carroll and I’m thankful for the police who serve our community. They caught this guy and would risk their lives to do the same for anyone else in our community; even those who complain about them and badmouth them every chance they get. Good job and thank you to the Carroll PD officers!

      • Bob

        The police in Carroll are not corrupt? A few years ago I was drinking at a bar with my friends and we went outside to smoke because you can’t smoke inside anymore. One of my friends had 2 police officers around him so I asked one of the police officers what was happening to him and one officer his name Officer Burke told me to “Stand the fuck over by the door”. I said “no” and he then said “oh, you wanna play this game” and took me to the ground and started punching me in the face.” I went to jail and was charged with assault on a police officer, UNTIL we found out his police car recorded the entire thing and proved that he started hitting me for no reason. It wasn’t until I threatened to send the video to the news stations that the charge was dropped. That is corruption.

  • Nate

    A block away and they couldn’t catch him? A guy I work with at farner has a degree in criminal justice and is a marathon runner. He even has 27 tattooed on his leg because thats how many miles he ran in a single marathon. Yet carroll pd wouldn’t hire him. He would have ran this punk down in a heartbeat. But its all who you know these days. Not one carroll cop I’ve ever seen could run me down. Thats sad. Peak physical condition for law enforcement is a joke.

  • Mindy

    If the carroll pd did their job as it’s supposed to be done this attempted murderer wouldn’t be on the street.. They refuse to do their job and try to cover up their incompetence and think they’re diligent … They’re a pathetic excuse for a department they’d rather spend their time our tax dollars catching petty criminals than actually going after the people who need to be locked up .. My guess is a different department will find this guy or he’ll be gone permanently before the cops here in carroll stop sitting in their thumbs and get the job WE pay them for done.

    • JustSomeCarrollGirl

      I agree… the Carroll PD spends way too much time picking on people smoking outside a bar, or smoking pot privately in their homes..when they should be locking up the rapists, meth cooks, etc. I know way too many people in this town with violent and dangerous crimes on their record, and justice is never served. And when I was a kid, my dad beat the living heck out of me because he was drunk and mad about god knows what. The 2 cops that came out to my house took me away, threatened to send me to a juvinile detention center if I didn’t go back to my dad’s abusive, drunken, meth infested house. So guess where I ended back up.

  • jonathon

    it’s pretty well known that carroll pd only enforces parking tickets, tinted windows, sidewalk shoveling violations and if your grass is too long tickets….the chief of police and his patrol was a block away from this guy and they can’t find em…personally, i think the chief avoids all contact anyway and is only in the press to promote the things that have public that will glorify him. There is an officer that drinks with high school kids, rides around with open containters, shows up at bars to buy shots of booze in uniform for former high school friends , follows people out of town so they don’t get owi’s, and the chief has been confronted with all this and he turns the other way…Carroll’s law enforcement is a joke..other than one of the supervisors who does his job, it’s all a good ol boy system and the officers that want to work get suspended for doing their job.. Carroll PD is a joke. Chief Cayler needs to go…a house cleaning from top to bottom needs to take place. Cayler talks out of both sides of his mouth and would push you off a bridge if it would benefit him in anyway.. anyone that lives in carroll would be able to tell you the same thing..

  • Tom

    These cops will run two red lights, chasing a driver that was traveling 2 miles an hour over the limit. Just to meet their quota.

  • Amanda

    WHO…Main street only runs North and south it was on North Main! And yes not only schools were on lock down but most if not all daycare homes and the main center was in lock down all day!

  • Rita

    Everyone is so focused on the Carroll Police Deptartment and the errors they may have or may not have made. Does anyone care what happened to the victim? Also if we’re pointing fingers at the police are we basing your opinion on fact or some bs your gossiping friend or neighbor spouted off? The fact is this was a sad day for a family. The victim and her family and friends shouldn’t have to hear a bunch of stuff about this event from a bunch of people that weren’t there. I happen to think the cops here are typically worthless but it’s not they’re fault as they don’t have to deal with this type of violence but only once every ten or fifteen years. We should all feel blessed our kids rarely see this.

  • David

    Oh my. Lots of Monday morning quarterbacks as well as all kinds of folks who “know” about policing and the lazy, corrupt, and ineffective habits of the cops who do such a poor job serving their communities. I live in Carroll and I’m thankful for the police who serve our community. They caught this guy and would risk their lives to do the same for anyone else in our community; even those who complain about them and badmouth them every chance they get. Good job and thank you to the Carroll PD officers!

  • Scott Strait

    The whole town of Carroll is a joke, I had to run from my life from a redhead bozoette, that was her intent to kill me, and the Carroll PD came and did nothing. But when she moved to Ankeny, she finally went to jail for physical abuse and got heavily fined. Not saying Ankeny is any better, their not.

  • Jared

    this is a great comment page. ill agree a little bit with everyone on some terms and disagree with most of the opinions towards whether or not the police are doing there jobs. yes this is a time to thank God everyone is fine, even the man, who knows, he could have some mental issues and got very upset and took it way out of wack like it did. BUT what he did is very wrong and does need punished, but the fact of the matter is what would make someone do this to someone else.its good to hear the woman is doing good, nobody deserves to get hurt let alone with a weapon, and hopefully she leads to a successful recovery. To the subject of the police is a huge deal, and its good that people around this area have similar opinions, beliefs or, storys about these peace officers. Nobody really understands with the corruption of the justice system this could have been a well twisted story or a completely true one. its crazy how more and more people start to talk about there experiences with the police around here. this town is built on one slab of drama, but with a lot of it what do you tend to see repeated? facts, and same related issues with these so called peace officers. i encourage everyone to speak there mind of it, because some day they wont be able to hide there lil ways as well as they do and justice will be served and ill smile wide as i watch them march the officers who are corrupt ino jail or prison…..well i can wish anyway….

    • Western Iowa Guy

      Carroll was named after Charels Carroll of Carrollton, MD. He was one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence.

      Carroll is a very nice place and one of the nicest towns in western Iowa (I don’t live there, but live close by). We don’t see much of this kind of brutal attack around here.

  • Reg

    Actually, William, C-a-r-r-o-l-l is the masculine spelling of the name Carol. I guess it’s “give a city a man’s name and you’re (not “your”) going to have problems.

  • Bobby

    Ok guys they caught the guy and the police worked there buts off to catch that guy and they never get to deal with this stuff

  • Important person in Carroll

    Who should do a special report on how many alcoholics and dope smokers are in this town and take it out on the police because they’ve been caught !!!!

  • Important person in Carroll

    This town has a severe drinking problem and the police are pretty aware of it I’m sure so that’s probably why you see so many OWI’s / stops. It’s a thing called “Anytime Cab” try it instead of bitching because you all above probably have been busted. The police have a basic job and they are doing it! If you don’t like the way this justice system works move to Iraq. Honestly I think the Carroll PD only does so much because the administration only allows them to do so much. They need to understand that this town has drug and alcoho problems and the police need to have free reign to clean this town up. Everyone above that has negative feeling towards the police here are pissed because they probably got busted and this is there way of venting because they are probably hungover right now!!! Carroll PD your doing a great job and most of the city appreciates everything you all do. We understand your job can be very stressful especially when you work holidays and most weekends and don’t see your families much. Again thanks for all you do and don’t let these idiots above discourage you!

    • RedHead

      Dude, by the looks of the time that you wrote this comment, it appears that you may have just gotten home from the bar. And anyone who says they are important & that they reside in Carroll in the same breath, are delusional. Carroll is just like every other small town; no jobs, nothing to do, gossiping cliques……….I could go on. I would never live in western Iowa again. PUKE! The police in Carroll are just like other small town police. No different.

    • JustSomeCarrollGirl

      Saying that all of the above commenters are only “bitching” because they’ve probably been caught drinking and driving, doing drugs, whatever…is quite ignorant of you. Some of us don’t do anything illegal, mind our Ps and Qs, and still believe the Carroll PD is a complete joke. Don’t get me wrong, I get that they don’t usually have to deal with idiots like this Mark Lee who stab people. But why the hell are my tax dollars going to a brand new Charger, instead of courses to refresh these polices’ memories on how to catch an attempted murderer on foot??…

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