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TORNADO FIND: Family Reunited With Keepsake

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She lost just about everything inside her condo at Lake Panorma when the tornado hit Sunday.

The one thing Chris Harlan really wanted to find was her family's sailor's hat.

Channel 13’s Aaron Brilbeck found the hat after Harlan left Lake Panorama on Tuesday.

“Chris we found your hat! It was sitting outside of your house so gives us a call at the station and we'll get your hat back to you, ok?” Brilbeck said during a live shot.

Chris came to the station to get it Friday.

She says the hat is part of a fun family tradition. They always put it on when they get the boat out in the summer.

“I couldn't believe when I was watching the news when he pulled out the hat. I looked inside the house for two days just trying to find anything salvageable and this was hanging on a picture of all the kids on the boat,” Harlan explained.

She added she's glad the tradition will now continue.

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