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GOP DINNER: Steve Forbes Urges Comeback

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A two-time presidential candidate returned to Iowa Tuesday.

Steve Forbes told Iowa Republicans that the country is ready for a repeat of what he saw thirty years ago.

Forbes was born into money and made much more of it later in the business world.

He told Polk County Republicans the country's ready to fiscally rebound after a bad economic decade much like it did after the 1970s.

It's a point he made at his own expense based on his previous time in Iowa.

“In the 1970s, the malaise decade, none of you are old enough to remember the 70s,” Forbes joked. “That's called pandering. I tried it here in Iowa. It didn't work, which is why I’m here tonight giving after dinner speeches.”

Second place in 2000 was the highest Forbes finished in Iowa during his two caucus runs.

Speaking before more than 400 Republicans at the annual Robb Kelley Spring Dinner, he reminded them it's o.k. to fail like Apple's iconic leader did.

“Steve Jobs had the worst personality possible. Read Walter Isaacson's book. This guy was impossible. Now H.R. would look at it and say ‘oh my god, stay away from this guy.’ And then starts a great company and gets fired from his own company before the age of 30.

Of course Jobs came back later and revolutionized technology with the iPhone and iPad.

That's what Forbes is pushing Republicans to do - to make a comeback.


  • William Denison

    With Forbes help I’m sure republicans will make a comeback. lol. The GOP is a slice of week old pizza in the back of the fridge needing to be thrown out.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    Perhaps Mr. Forbes had a bit too much tax payer subsidized alcohol. He appears to actually believe the republicans adhere to “free market” principals and that’s just crazy talk. Republicans have no more clue what a free market is than the democrats.

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