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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Improving Your Golf With Age

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If you play golf, you probably want to golf better.

Most people are picking up their clubs for the first few times after our long winter which means swings can be shaky and aches and pains are a given, unless you’ve been working with a trainer like Alan Bernard.

“What I do is get the body in shape. We work on flexibility, mobility, stability, strength and power so they can use it on the golf course.”

As a certified golf specialist – Alan helps you improve your game with a tailor-made routine. “There are a lot of movements that are very specific to the golf swing,” he explains, “many can be utilized and adapted and many are common strength exercises. They increase your club head speed which translates to driving distance and the strength and power moves allow you to control what’s going on with your club.”

Alan knows the power of personal training firsthand. “A couple of years ago I had ballooned up to a point where I was 70 pounds heavier than I am today. I was short of breath, it was hard to move, literally bending over and tying my shoe was difficult.”

Working with a trainer changed his life, in more ways than one.  He got healthy - and got a new career! “It was absolutely a huge lifestyle change,” he says, “I stared practicing what I was learning and now I preach that.”

He takes pride in the payoff hearing from happy clients.  “One is 67 years old and had been complaining that his driving distance had been falling off over the past several seasons. He went out this season and hit every par four in regulation and shot a 79 his second time out.  And usually, first time out there’s extreme pain and body aches.  He didn’t experience any of those after working out for about twelve weeks.”

If you’re interested in Alan’s golf program, or working with him on other fitness goals check out his website activeagingfitness.org

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