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BUS DANGER: Stop Across From Sex Offender’s Home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The city of Rose Hill, near Oskaloosa, needs a new bus stop and some residents say city leaders couldn’t have chosen a worse spot.

"Iowa's had all kinds of problem with sex offenders lately but yet Rose Hill wants to put a bus stop right across the street from them," says resident Jay Mitchell.

City leaders this week agreed to put up the community’s only school bus stop right across the street from level three sex offender Joey Keen’s house. Mayor Kyle Morgan says, he can see why some parents would be upset by this.

"Oh I can see where they would be. Yeah. Yeah. Mine are grown up and gone so like I said it's not affecting me none," Morgan says. When asked if he thought it was a good idea to put a school bus across the street from a convicted pedophiles house, the mayor said, "No, not really but I don't know what to say and do about it. It's already happening."

About 15 minutes after the interview, the mayor came back and said he misunderstood the resolution and that it had nothing to do with a bus stop. However, the resolution clearly says "Bus stop." The mayor said that is in case Keen ever decides to move out, but, again, that's not what the resolution says.

The superintendent of Oskaloosa schools says this is the first he is hearing of the plan. He adds, he will not allow his districts’ school buses to pick up children in front of a registered sex offenders house.


    • Kyle Morgan

      Are you sure im the stupid one??? you better check things out before you make anymore comments Do you realize that is not a bus stop? You realize it never will be a bus stop? You realize just to the left of the picture out of view is where the kids get on the bus anyway? give me a break!!! You realize a child lives in the same household as the pedifile? comprende you better rethink who is stupid. And news media aparently dont know anything, its bad enough who 13 really owes us an appology for false knowledge of a story and should be sued for slander

      • Bob Mann

        Whether or not the story has been grossly exaggerated, this is not the correct way to handle yourself as a person, let alone a mayor. I would think that someone who holds public office would sound more educated in his/her responses, and would know how to take insults in a more professional way than insulting the public. Also, by saying that this bus stop isn’t a primary concern because your children are grown up is inexcusable! You should care for the people of the community you represent! You are being a horrid representation of the town of Rose Hill, and should be completely ashamed!

      • Kyle Morrow

        Kyle Morgan is very uneducated.. why did you guy vote for him? cause no one in this town better than stupid Kyle Morgan?

      • Morgana

        LOL you’re the worst mayor on the planet!

        You literally said “It ain’t effecting me none”

        You’re an imbecile and its a shame you hold a public office.

  • Heather Burkart

    The mayor is too stupid to know any better…I feel a bit sorry for him. Completely wrong.

    • Kyle Morgan

      No No dont worry of me!!! Educate your own self you need it, You do realize that is not a bus stop right? You realize it never will be a bus stop right? You realize just to the left of the picture out of view is where the kids get on the bus anyway what a joke? so really big city news media need to get their facts down before they come to town, and thats why you are stupid following and believing news media they come based on a complaint by some unknowing citizen not knowing what is going on themselves

      • Jim Dandy

        Had no idea that lead paint was such an issue in Rose Hill… that can be the only explanation for a dolt like Kyle Morgan being elected mayor. I have a dog that eats his own feces… I’m pretty sure he is smarter than Kyle Morgan. I’ll get him on the ballot next time around and save this town from further embarrassment.

  • John Coop

    This is just a ridiculous situation that is bieng concoted by antagonists that only seek to cause a needless stink fora good town and community. Who news really should investigate stories better, the project was merely labeled “bus stop” because of the possibilty of future use as such. Secondly did you attempt to contact this “offender”? I dont believe he even lives there, is only registered. Ive lived here my entire life and never seen this man. You really should be Journalists and investigate stories.

    • Kyle Morgan

      Ya coop these people really got it down, Can you believe this news outfit from the big city come here!!! Its a joke big city news media come down for a story based on a complaint from some one who knows nothing them selves Why didnt they listen to me when i told them that is not a bus stop and is not going to be a bus stop You know they wouldnt even listen that just left of their picture is where the kids get on the bus anyway what a joke give me a break!!! See its related to the big city life they they are weak and unknowledgable of any small town activities they hear pedifile and think they got somekind of a top story for all their yuppie friends to see, They owe us an appology that should never have been a story because none of it is true all they did was try to degrade us and didnt do a very good job of that it brought me back to life bring it on

      • SamIowa

        Kyle, everything you say may be true, but please find someone to help you complete sentences when you speak or write. You are coming off as an uneducated hick who didn’t pass 3rd grade.

  • John Coop

    We support our mayor 100%, your comments and opinions are based soley on a uneducated lie by nonjournalists.

    • Amanda Clark

      No, no, my opinion is based solely on the words that came out of HIS mouth. He said that the safety and welfare of the children of his town didn’t matter to him because his kids were grown, so it wasn’t any of his concern. That was all him, and had NOTHING to do with journalism gone awry.

      • Jennifer LeAnn

        They did not do enough fact checking in this story, they edit most of what the Mayor said to make their story more appealing. I feel sorry for people who watch the news and don’t recognize. Real eyes realize real lies.

      • Amanda Clark

        Liberal person? Wow, you couldn’t be farther from the mark. I’m a conservative blogger, so far to the right I make republicans look liberal, FYI. This has nothing to do with editing or misleading journalism, he clearly says, on video that because he doesn’t have kids at home it’s no concern of his. Whether there is a valid concern with the bus stop or not, I am appalled that anyone would say that something regarding the health, safety, and welfare of children doesn’t concern them because the issue doesn’t directly affect them.

        Perhaps he misspoke? I’ll try to give the benefit of the doubt, but honestly, I have a hard time understanding how it could be that misconstrued when what he said was pretty clear, regardless of the situation at hand.

      • Kyle Morgan

        ya amanda clark aint that something im a real no good sob i just love it I spend $12,000 on a new playground set for the little kids keep the grass mowed for them and i dont care? humm!!! maybe i did say something wrong out of being anoyed by news 13 i still dont care what people think of me dont bother me none i do every thing around here for the city and the people know it so you might as well bark up another tree, oh did i mention you realize that is not even a bus stop right??? You realize it never will be a bus stop right??? you realize news media blowed the story out of the water? and you realize news media didnt have the facts down before they come??? comprende???

    • Kyle Morgan

      Coop they are not educated to reality of world surroundings but they are way to smart at editing stories, I told them i didnt care of him he stays inside all the time and is never seen and has never been a problem, The part i told them my kids are grown up and gone and over the years ive lost a little of that to care about kids any more But do still care of the kids its the adults i dont like They took the i dont care and put it with about the kids from another sentence and there it is portrayal to be no good Im happier than them and will out live them all they can be a biggot all they want because i dont care them or what they say.

  • BaaBwaWawa

    Not only is your mayor a moron, he is a dishonest moron, and a coward. You people should be proud.

      • Tom Allen

        If you really are Kyle Morgan, you are embarrassing yourself and your community with these comments. Please stop.

        Frankly, I’m surprised to learn that Rose Hill is even incorporated. From the look of the place last time I was through it’s pretty clear that any city codes requiring property maintenance aren’t enforced in any way, so what’s the point? Discontinue operations and turn it over to the county.

      • carl84

        I agree with Tom Allen. Please stop! Not only are you embarrassing yourself Kyle, but you telling people to “kiss your behind” or calling them “white trash ghetto lover”…. especially to a woman is wrong. Act more professional. If you are indeed Kyle Morgan. You certainly are not representing your town well through your comments and words. Even though you disagree or have an opinion to state… do it professionally.

  • Kyle Morgan

    Oh ya!!! What a misleading story, Why dont they edit the part where you tell them THIS IS NOT A BUS STOP, It never should have been listed as a bus stop that was a mistake to call it a bus stop, but yet the bus picks the kids up 2 houses down on the other side of the offender why dont they edit that? because channel 13 are negative liberals that are out to make negative stories, So anyone out their can kiss my behind.

    • Jess

      You made yourself look pretty bad saying that you don’t care since your kids are grown up. Now you are telling people to kiss your behind. That really doesn’t help you look like an intelligent, caring person who should be the mayor of this town.
      I hope for Rose Hill’s sake, the person using the handle ‘Kyle Morgan’ is not truly the mayor.

    • Melinda Kinkade

      Really Kyle Did they edit your comment that it does not affect you because your kids are “growed” Thats what gets most people that you make it sound as though you don’t give a hoot about the kids of your town or their safety, because they aren’t your kids. This situation concerns me and I moved away from there 25 years ago but still cherish the memorie of growing up in Rose Hill.

      • Kyle Morgan

        Well melinda guess what yes my kids are gone and i dont have the agressiveness to make that my top priority any more apparently news media has good editing skills because it sure was altered, all they did was took 3 sentences choped them up and made one to represent me as the worst thing on earth but thats alright i dont care i was there you was not i know what went on you dont and maybe i did say some wrong things but i dont care news 13 anoyed me, when that happens you get punky answers because at that point that means i no longer like you and want to be around you its like get out of my face puke yuppie

      • Ed City

        Judging from your comments here, the “news media” didn’t have to do much editing to make you look incompetent.

        Get yourself together, stop lashing out like a Fox News drone and start behaving like an adult. I’m sure your citizens would appreciate it.

    • Kyle Morgan

      hello rebecca you white trash getto lover!!! yep we r a hick town thats the way we like it always has been always will be not to mention i know you are gay but i dont go around telling everyone so keep your coments to your self

  • kaylee

    I have been picked up at that bus stop many times..there is nothing wrong with it..a nice little boy lives there and everyone gets along..the bus stop is down thst road at a church not across from it….my best friend lives next tom them and I have never even seen the man because he doesnt leave….its not a bad area nor a bad town.the mayor is just fine!! Its a town of 500?? Or less…you all need to stop..I love my town and the people in it..the bus stop has already been moved way before farther away..so he is doing what he needs..and it is 2 houses down and across the street so shush.

  • kaylee

    Or doesnt live there…I dont even know..I have never seen him and I am in town every day..leave this nice little community alone

    • Kyle Morgan

      no we should sue you, but that is not how we operate around here we would become bottom feeders then and be like the rest of the Liberal group, Everyone here is anti government outsiders are not welcome here never have been ive lived here my whole life i know, news media dont know sheit they need to stay in the big city with all their yuppy friends and keep Liberalism their

  • Jennifer LeAnn

    Move the bus stop outside of town!!! There is not safe distance from the pedo’s house within city limits! What these journalists fail to say is, the town doesn’t decide the bus stop location, the Oskaloosa community school bus transportation does. Maybe all the parents should call Dale and request the bus stop be moved, before making a scene with their city. South skunk river bridge access would be perfect, a nice big lot to wait for the bus and the parents would have peace of mind. I do find it ironic the only person in town they interview besides the mayor, is a known felon with a long history of domestic violence. They might have interviewed the neighbors or anyone else in town with an IQ higher than potato.

    • Kyle Morgan

      Ya Jen Maybe we will just get the bus stop moved out of town then these people can pay $3.38 a gallon to run outside of town twice a day, but since i really do care of the kids and its not their fault we cant do that to them, Can you imagine that poor little boy what he has to go through im sure he already has it rough, hes going to be bullied in school and not understand why, its sad of America to operate in this manner

  • Todd Versteegh

    I grew up about 5 miles from Rose Hill and let me tell you, there’s NOT a lot there. The school bus can easily stop in front of the city park to pick up the kids in the community.

    The park is not in front of the sex offender’s home–but it is within 200 feet of it, so the danger is still there.

    Under Iowa law–it is illegal for a sex offender to loiter within 300 ft of any area that is used by minors–such as a playground. So if this offender is seen anywhere near that park during times when the school bus is there and children are present–then he is breaking the law.

    • Kyle Morgan

      Sir, This is not a bus stop and never will be a bus stop, media blowed it out of the water what it is is donated property with a falling down house we spend $18,000 to clean it up and buy landscaping material to better look the comunity that is all that is!!! If you look at the news 13 picture just off the left out of view is where the kids get on the bus anyway give me a break what a joke for a news cast

  • Ed

    This town is literally 3 blocks by 3 blocks. It wouldn’t matter where the stop was, it would not be like the kids would be very far away from this house at any given point in time. Also This is right by the city park. Do these same parents complaining ever let their kids go play at the city park unattended?

  • corey

    It certainly wasn’t the story that caught my attention as I watched the news last night, it was the ridiculous mayor who was very apparently unprepared for an interview, who is supposed to be a representative and spokesperson for his community and publicly admitted his interest only goes as far as his front step (although though he was quite interested in the missing Malaysia flight so I wonder who he knew on board that plane) . It is not surprising that he is blaming the news station for his shitty interview since his Facebook is full of conspiracy theories.

    • Kyle Morgan

      u r exactly right i was not prepaired for an interview and maybe i did say some wrong thing news 13 anoyed me so they got punk answers, but the story is, is that is not a bus stop and never will be a bus stop news 13 didnt want that one on their its donated property with a falling down building we spend $18,000 to clean it up and buy landscaping material to better look the comunity,( i forgot we dont care of the city) and get degraded by Liberal mindset,so really i dont care what people think, I live here they dont i know the true story they dont.

  • Elliander

    The question shouldn’t be ” are they sex offenders” the question should be why are they on the sex offender registry to begin with. I don’t put any stock in the registry whatsoever because of all of the stupid reasons people end up on it. Children are on the registry forced stupid stuff like peeing behind a tree or taking their own pictures. We even have scenarios of 12 and 13 year old couples both going on the sex offender registry for having sex with each other. ( the girl was later taking off because it’s stupid to be both victim and rapist, but the boy will always be on the registry for the same thing) . When everyone is on the registry for some stupid reason it loses all meaning. It’s not some exclusive club that means the worst of the worst anymore. If what they did was really serious, why did this article fail to even mention it?

    Now, if a person really is a danger to children, it up solutely should be taken very seriously, but just being a sex offender no longer mean squat anymore.

    • Maggie M.

      First Mayor Kyle Morgan says, regarding Joey Regan Keen, “It’s not like he did nothing major”, then Elliander posts, “I don’t put any stock in the registry whatsoever because of all of the stupid reasons people end up on it.”

      Joey Regan Keen is on the Iowa Sex Offender Registry for a valid, and pretty major reason. He sexually abused a little girl under the age of 13. He has a secondary conviction for physical abuse towards a little boy, also under 13. He has a long record of violence towards others. This man will re-offend again, if he isn’t doing so already.

  • Carl

    The city council approved to put the bus stop there! Kyle obviously your responses to the media make it sound like you knew all about this happening and that you understand why they (the town) would be upset. Yet, you don’t know what to say and do about it.

    Kyle: “Oh, I can see why they would be… yea yea.. mine are growed up and gone sooo… (with laughs)… Like I said, it’s not affecting me none.”

    Interviewer: “Does it seem like a good idea to put kids across from a pedophile?”

    Kyle: “No, not really… but… I don’t know what to say and do about it…. It’s already happening.”

    Kyle, I am confused at why you’re saying that this is not going to be a bus stop… but yet you talk to the interviewer like it is and you can’t do anything about it and don’t care.

    Interviewer: As for what he would say to parents who are concerned… the mayor says they should keep an eye on their kids at the bus stop.

    Kyle: “Ohhhhhhhh…. ya know… I really don’t know what you would say to a person…. but theres also somebody up here I’m sure watching… It’s not like he’s did nothing major…. I really don’t know what he did to put a judgement again him… Ya know… sometimes they get that for dumb little things.

    Dumb little things? Like what Kyle, obviously he a sex offender for a reason. Kyle, how can you say, “It’s not like he did anything major” and then say that you don’t know what he did. You obviously are clueless! He is a level three sex offender! WAKE UP!

    Interviewer: “The website said he’s tier3 which is the most dangerous.”

    Kyle: “Oh really? I thought it was a minor category.”

    Read what Tier 3 means. Also, perhaps you should do your research and read the resolution. Come on man! A man from your town said, “It’s a simple case of not really caring, you’re not thinking about the kids.”
    But apparently it doesn’t matter to you since yours are all moved out of the house. Also, the way you’re responding to people on here is very unprofessional and pretty sad.

    Also, you gave them punk answers because they annoyed you? Really, you should of realized it was a pretty important issue and that people were going to see the interview and respond to it.

  • pearly

    I talked to Mr. Morgan on this, He told me that was the biggest blunder of his life He dont know how and why words like that come out of his mouth, He’s a shy person and he told me he does care of the kids and the community, But he dont have to tell me this because the proof is all around town, He does all the work around here, Because of him the kids got a new playground, He and the Council demolish and clean up abandoned properties to try to get rid of the eyesore, He mows all the grass in abandoned roadways and around town along roads in an effort to keep things looking the best he can with very little money to work with All you people don’t know him and misjudge the story, what this has become is we know who the hyprocritcs and the biggots are of the state, And all residents of the town have been assured that is not a bus stop up town.

  • super troll

    Carl Please stay off the Internet!!! Your too stupid to be on here youve been slapped down and you dont even know it evry negative post sets you up for the next troll

  • super troll

    Carl you need to return to that brown smeared stain in your mamas underwear we cant stand the stench of your ignorance

  • Rev Bob Hemp

    Ya Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!! You make him mad and he quits, That town would be broke and be the biggest ghetto dump in the state of Iowa, all but 1 council member and the mayor are the only ones not a dirt bag no offense to them thats how they choose to live thats their business That mayor he dont make decisions any way the Council runs the town and make all decisions.

  • miss piggy

    Im very disapointed in News 13 They come, down here to make false stories based on a complaint of Jay Mitchel Word around town is That is not a bus stop! Thats what ive been hearing, This guy just got out of Prison for chriminal mischef and domestic abuse likes to beat women aparently What kind of role model is he to his kids? Hes never been there for them their whole life, He can proudly tell them hes been behind bars ya great guy he’s worthless no job and he gets all the credit, The guy trying to keep the place decent gets beat down like a dog for for a statement that never come out right, He dont know how to talk to people, He better stay away from news media

  • big_bear

    Ive known the guy my whole life, Ive seen him give the kids his hooks his bobbers and his worms so they could catch fish too, And these are kids he never even knew, Showed them how to set their bobbers and how much worm to use, He would protect your kids! I dont even have to question that, His neighbor is week from cancer and couldnt mow his lawn after hearing of this it wasnt 15 min. later his wife and him was mowing that lawn, you outsiders can make your hipicrital statements all you want I know better and so does every one else around here, Hes no spokesman, After his full time job, Hes just the one doing all the work around town, In all my years nobody has ever did that, hes lived here his whole life Hes not going anywhere, Im blown away by how gullable outsiders are to news propaganda, A news story and reality are two different things.

  • wendy

    You must be a real big person to not use your real name miss piggy. Jay has always been there for his children. Jay is the type of person who would give you the shirt off his back. Yes he has a past, everybody does but he has never victimized helpless children. He has changes his life for his children and his family. We have been together going on 9yrs, I just had back surgery and he took care of me and our children with no questions asked. I could not ask for a better father for my children, he would give his life to keep our children safe. And yes criminal mischief which should have been a misdemeanor but he got railroaded. He has always been there to protect and take care of our kids.

  • jim

    I dont know why they still called it a bus stop when they were informed 2 years ago the bus won’t stop there, I never have figured out yet why the bus picks them up at the Church? Its only 3 houses down from the pedifiles house? Just don’t make sense.

  • Sniper#2bravo

    Kyle this is for you. You are an 100% idiot. You can’t form a sentence or think on your feet. You make white trash like good. You and your little closed minded town followers have done good people wrong. I’m going to write the State Police and have them investigate you based on your anti gay and racist comments that you have made. I believe that you have ran people out of your town based on their inherent differences and that village idiot, is wrong. I also believe that you may have molested a child or children yourself and I’m sure when they start to investigate they will find that you have done more than beat your poor wife. I’m also going to ask and ask others to have the governor remove you from office. Anyone as dumb as you can’t be Left in charge of a sack of rocks let alone a town. I strongly encourage everyone that reads this to write the governor a letter and ask that Kyle be removed from office immediately and investigated fully!

    • Tom Allen

      Writing the governor won’t do any good. Petitions to remove municipal officers have to be filed either by five registered voters of the municipality or by the County Attorney.

      I don’t know anything about the mayor beyond the comments he made in the report and his comments on this post (If it’s really him making the comments) so I don’t have any opinion as to whether he’s really done anything to justify removal, just passing along the correct information in case citizens of Rose Hill are really interested in pursuing this.

      For more information refer to the Iowa Code, section 66.

  • Lester Timberbottoms

    Its these DUMN big city media who are causin all this wruckass. I’ma small town guy and love it because I aint have to deal with these IDIUTS! Its simpel eeriesponsible reportin to make an interview fit to the way you wanna see it. I paused the screen on my TIVO and seen the provision with my owned eyes and the mayors’ right! Just go back to what you do in big citys wich is tryin to tick us off and taken away our GUNS!!

  • Jarvis O'Neil

    Lester, maybe spellin ain’t ur strong suit, but you are a genus and hit the nail directly on the head! This entire story is just a roose designed by the libral media to attack our GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to posssess and carry firearms! They has no shame, including using a caring mayor and scarred kids as human shields to pass on their “righteous” message of gun hate upon us masses. I, for one, am sick of these tactics and wish we could get back to the real stories- like how this mayor jus wants to install a more covenent bus stop for the children. Here’s a message to the media: Quit making everything about gun control!

  • Sniper#2bravo

    I’m sorry did I miss something about gun control. Also Tom thanks for finding that code section and sharing with those that care about getting this village idiot out of any type of office. I’m only sorry that I’m not a voter in that…place. No I’m not. So I hope the smart people that I seen interviewed will step up and get this toothless, pinball headed, fat pork belly looking, jack ass with an IQ in the negative, pot belly pig smelling duffas out of office.

  • Concerned Parent

    Wow nobody was talking about gun control in this at all. I sure hope that you seen that there is more to this story then this post. There is a interview with the mother of his 2 victims. You better watch it and then go from there.

  • Lester Timberbottoms

    AMEN JARVIS!!! I garontee that these libs are lickin there chops on this one! Mayer Morgan represents the workin class folk like us who go to work, pay are bills, and love our guns and freedom!! I aint seen no coverage from this channle on Rose Hill before, funny how thay come nockin at the door now! How bout some coverage from the pleyground they put in? Did not see a camera than! One things for sertain libs…dont go pushin your aginda for takin our GUNS and stay the HELL out of our little towns big city boys! You aint ready for our STONE COLD STEAVE OSTIN way of live around here! Now let me grab a STEVEWIZER and you can find me shootin my GUNS!!!

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