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CHARGES FILED: Father Arrested In Child’s Death

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The father of a four-year-old child who died from a gunshot wound to the chest has been charged in her death.

Lillium Mead died April 21st after what police are calling an accidental shooting at her family’s apartment at 2746 Fleur Drive.

Her father, 24-year-old Adam Mead, turned himself in to authorities Thursday. He is charged with two counts of failure to secure a loaded weapon from a minor, one count of neglect or abandonment of a dependent person, and one count of involuntary manslaughter.

A police report says Mead was moving some things around in the bedroom April 21st when Lillium asked if she could watch. He said she could. He placed a loaded .45 caliber handgun onto a dresser and told police he turned his back for a few seconds and that’s when he heard a gunshot. He turned around and saw his daughter with a shocked look on her face and noticed the front of her shirt was turning red.

Mead was booked into the Polk County Jail but has already posted bond and been released.


  • JstLvng

    this is just awful. the poor family. kids are so fast. the dad will never forgive himself. a split second changed all of their lives. The mom will be with out her husband and daughter. and the son will be without his sister and dad. and he will be without all three and some major guilt. absolutely tragic!! I just feel so bad for this family.

  • Jessica

    Guns can be so scary, and so many people have them and not think twice when children are around. This is one of the first times i can say, I do feel terrible for the dad and losing his daughter like that. The gun should never have been loaded, but it took a lot of guts to turn himself in and cant imagine the pain and guilt he is dealing with. May God take care of that baby girl and watch over the man who had to hear it all happen. What he could do is help teach the importance of gun safety and owning a gun to others to avoid more children getting hurt or killed.

    • Jess

      Yeah, wow! Sounds like a pretty normal family. Just one bad decision has destroyed so many lives. We always had guns in the house, but, they were never loaded.
      My sympathies to this family.

  • C

    My heart aches for him and his Fam. The pain he has been suffering will never cease…….adding this will do nothing but further the families agony. He still has children that need their Daddy as does his wife. Whoa to we who cast stones………I shudder at the accidents that have happened on my watch and thankfully nothing ending in despair.

  • B

    This family, and especially this man,will suffer far more from the knowledge of what occurred than the Polk Co Prosecutors could ever inflict upon them. Adam Meads actions were deplorable even if it was an accident. But this “piling on” by Polk Co Prosecutors is even more deplorable because they are making a conscious choice. Sarcone will never get my vote again. Disgusting!

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