HEALTHCARE ACT: GOP Candidates To Debate

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Five GOP candidates hope to ge thteir name on the ticket

Five Republican candidates for US Senate will debate Thursday afternoon on the issue of healthcare.

Sam Clovis, Joni Ernst, Mark Jacobs, Scott Schaben and Matt Whitaker are all vying to be the Republican nominee for Sen. Tom Harkin’s seat in the fall election.

They will all take the stage for debate held by the Iowa Association of Health Underwriters.

The debate will focus strictly on healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act. It starts at 1:30 p.m. at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center.

This debate is open to the public or you can it watch it live on our website.


    • DZ

      Bill – appears Jacobs has taken the freedom of information act information and structured his ads on facts – just the other day, was doing a search on the update of VA stuff and the pop-up was “Does Joni Ernst deserve a promotion?” Didn’t matter which answer you clicked, took me right into the facts on her voting record. She might want to get something out there on him working for Goldman Sachs or his support of cap-and-trade. The debate in Bettendorf proved both of them are using inconvenient facts… now what!?

  • DZ

    Met her early in the race and really found her to be a charming lady – but when the voting record came out – figured there had to be a story behind it – dishonestly blaming military duty shows extreme lack of integrity. This debate should be interesting – they’ve known the topic for what, 6 weeks?

  • John

    I will summerize the debate for those who did not see it:

    Sam Clovis: We should not pay for abortions; so says the great and powerful family leader; all hail the great leader (said with a open eye stare into the crowd)
    Joni Ernst: Hey, I got a gun and a motocycle. If this politics thing does not work out I want my own Fox show and book deal. It worked for Sara. Oh healthcare – I am for it no against it, what I mean yes Hey by the way I got a gun and motocycle
    Scott Schaben: Hey I am running for office. Is that me on the monitor cool. Healthcare, if the dems are for it am aginst it. I will bring rebuplican values back to Washington no matter what kind of gridlock it causes
    Matt Whitaker: Are they serving lunch. I was told there was going to be a lunch
    Mark Jacobs: Hi Im Mark Jacobs. Did you see my kids. Hey the healthcare act is somthing I will work on and form a plan on once elected.

    I am a reformed Rebuplican now independant simpley because of this type of stuff, the said part is the Dems are worse

  • DZ

    Great parody, John! I left the republican party after the last election in 2012 – Independent too – but, have been blessed with knowing Sam Clovis over the past 5 years. I’ve taken the vetting process of presidential candidates who come through here – and, have already begun. Since you do not know Sam, would do me little good to try to share what I know – I’ve also in person, attended at least 10 of these debates/forums – none of the others have yet to come close to Sam in the straw polls… If that even matters…

  • William Denison

    Sam Clovis will tell you all the things he’s done in his life. But the only thing he has not done is turn down desert.

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