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LAWSUIT FILED: Bubu Palo Suing Accuser

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Former Iowa State basketball player Bubu Palo is now suing the woman who accused him of sexual abuse and her mother.

Palo’s attorney filed a lawsuit in Story County court on May 16th.

The suit asks for monetary damages from the woman who accused Palo. It says she and her mother used the legal system to harass Palo. The lawsuit claims the accuser and her mother abused the legal process, defamed Palo, and caused him emotional distress.

The accusation kept Palo off the basketball team for parts of his junior and senior years.

In January, prosecutors dropped the sexual abuse charges against Palo after forensic evidence about a torn blouse the accuser wore during the alleged assault contradicted her story.

She claimed the blouse had been torn by Palo during the assault but according to the filed lawsuit, “Upon examination by an expert in the field of microfiber analysis, it was revealed that the blouse could not have been torn either at the time or in the manner alleged” by the accuser.

Read the filed lawsuit here.

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