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MUSIC VIDEO: Ames Song Going Viral For The Wrong Reasons

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A video profiling the city of Ames is getting reaction on the internet.

The catchy “Hooray for Ames” song was produced by Water Rocks for the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost of Iowa State University. The video was made as a fun recruiting tool to attract new faculty to ISU.

Some are mocking the attempt.

With lyrics like, “Ames is a safe place, the crime rate is low” and “The water’s so great it won awards, many cultures living together without any wars” one Twitter user described it as the “Worst thing I have ever seen.”

ESPN anchor Chris Hassel added, “This music video about Ames just lost the Internet.”

But some Facebook users were supportive of the attempt.

“They look like they had fun it was definitely something a little corny but that’s ok,” Jessica Jimenez wrote.

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  • Brett

    Good…people who judge things solely from Internet videos can stay away as far those of us in Story County are concerned. Anyone who wants to visit and see it for themselves is welcome.

  • Anthony Patrizi

    Brett, can you at least admit that this video is bad? I personally love the Ames area when I get a chance to head out there, but this song and video… gah, it’s on the level of Friday by Rebecca Black!

    • thegilp

      I’m pretty sure this video even puts Rebecca Black to shame. I mean, so many levels of embarrassment here:

      1) Yes, we have black people… and they’re educated!
      2) We have water… and you can drink it!
      3) We’re all intelligent (In the same way that every person on this planet thinks they’re intelligent.)
      4) We have people here who have actually left Ames AND come back! And they’re gay.

      Not to mention the shameless self-promotion of the “lead singer”.

      Anyway, I’m sure there are lots of nice folks in Ames, nothing against them. But this video was the equivalent of a child giving you a bunch of scribbles on a piece of paper and telling you it’s an elephant. It’s beautiful, Ames! You are so talented and smart, I’m going to stick this right up on the fridge for everyone to see.”

  • Jamie Boughner

    I think it looks like the people had fun. Ames is a great town and I am proud to call Ames home. I think that all the people that feel they need to criticize someone for making an effort can just stay away. We don’t need your negativity. Good job to those involved in the video!

  • Beth

    I doubt they thought it was video of the century lol….I’m sure they were well aware of how corny it is….it got people talking about Ames though..mission accomplished!

  • Brian

    Ames is awesome. It’s most of the reason we stay in the area. Having said that, this video is painful…

  • Josh

    Wow, there’s 3:20 of my life that I’ll never get back. This doesn’t do anything for Ames at all. It deserves better than this.

  • Dawn W.

    cute but dorky or dorky but cute. I agree with the Electric Company comparison, but kudos to those that did it. There’s so many ways it could’ve been worse, unless those complaining want to do one… props to Danny.

  • Darla Buckendahl

    not only does it make Ames look bad but it is so tacky makes the whole state of Iowa look bad. I really hope that the people that see this video do judge us all on this.

  • HawksRule

    Ames – or Lames, as the rest of the state calls it – blows. Iowa City is better in just about every way. IC is also the only place in the whole state worth going.

  • Pantherfan

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little…pathetic!! But, that doesn’t surpise me about Ames. It should be about time for them to spend a million dollars or so to redo the mainstreet area….seems they do that about every 6 or 8 years.

  • Nanci McCune

    This is just plain EMBARASSING. We lived in Ames for 30 years. People whi have never visited will not WANT to visit. Some see midwesterners as fat and dorky and WHOM do they feature? Fat dorky people who can’t sing! WHAT does the Des Moines Gay Chorus have to do with Ames? It just says the guy has to drive to Des Moines so why not MOVE TO DES MOINES?

  • Bryan Rademacher

    The video is a great representation of the university, water department, Ames City Council, elementary schools and the gay Des Moines Men’s chorus, unfortunately is a poor representation of our Ames.
    Bryan Rademacher

  • Marshall Whitney

    Let’s not forget Veishea, where college students get wasted and start riots on Tuesday nights…

  • dustnc

    Its definitely a lame video…kinda looks like something you would see on late night with Conan…a lame attempt at humor thrown together at the last minute because bad publicity is still publicity…they also left out the main reason I come back to Ames every year (other than family)…Hickory Park!

  • Ruth 'Olson' Munn

    Hickory park- good idea, why didn’t they mention a place where the famous actors have gone to eat.. ???
    This video is even bad for a spoof.. A video of Ames showing the beautiful parts of the City would have been better, where was the Reiman Gardens? They could have shown some of the beautiful homes, Oh and how about the Midnight Madness Race or the Special Olympics, Or the Ada Hayden park.. I really think that even if this is a spoof it doesn’t do anything for Ames.. If i was looking for a job, I would go look at the video for Colorado, Cant’ they please make a video that would make Ames seem more inviting rather than making IOWANS look stupid. ?

  • KTD

    The video looks deliberately cheesy…people really think it was meant to be serious? Pretty sure it was a spoof, nothing more.

  • Laura Irene Runyan

    I might be interested in reference to the person who referred to a response video–whether it’s a serious one (which is needed, I think) or as a parody.

    I sort of feel bad for those involved, who seem very good-hearted and not lacking in talent, but I wonder about ISU’s PR/marketing these days!

  • Jake Randolph

    This is horrible. This is worse than “Friday” I do not know who came up with the horrible lyrics… If I was ISU…. I would NOT use this. It is embarrassing!

  • Umair

    It’s not that bad actually. It’s like something you would see on PBS. Now if it was a hip hop, or rock, or some other genre, I would say that it was representing Ames incorrectly. I’ve lived here since 1982, and fortunately, Ames folk are this nice and sincere. The approach was spot on.

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