MORNING FIRE: Dog Wakes Residents

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Three people in West Des Moines were saved from a fire after a dog woke them up early Friday morning.

The West Des Moines Fire Department says crews were called to 1310 Crimson Street a little after 2:00 a.m. When firefighters arrived flames and smoke were visible coming from the garage of the home.

The three people inside the home were able to get out safely after being woken by a dog.

Officials say the fire appears to have started in the engine of one of the vehicles in the garage and caused extensive damage to three vehicles as well as the inside of the garage.

The home itself suffered minor smoke damage.

Officials say damage to the vehicles and garage is estimated at $70,000.


  • Pitlover

    So sad. My neighbors house caught on fire at 4am and woke up by their dog n saved their lives but they are on the east-side so didn’t make the mews. I’m so thankful their dog woke them up and almost lost her life to save them !!

  • Moretti777

    Yep stuff like this happens frequently around the des moines area’ But nope u don’t never hear about unless u live in one of these phony credit living towns!!! Lol…..

  • Kyle Morgan

    We know reporter Aaron Brilbeck is not racist when you watch him making out with a Black man on a Picknick Table at Greys lake or is that Gays Lake?

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