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LAND DISPUTE: DOT Proposing To Take Farm Land

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The fate of an 85 year old family produce farm is in the hands of the state. The Iowa Department of Transportation is proposing two re-designs of Highway 330 in Jasper County.

The diagonal highway between US 65 and Jasper County Road F-17 cuts through the middle of Larry Cleverly’s farm.

The DOT says the re-design will make the road safer however, blueprints show the DOT taking ownership of three homes including Cleverly’s as well as 220 acres of land.

The project is projected to cost between 10 and 15 million dollars and completed by 2016. Cleverly says he agrees the road should be safer but doesn’t think the state should re-structure the road.

“Let’s put up signage. They have signs in their shops that say dangerous intersections I’m sure. Let’s put up a couple of lights,” says Larry Cleverly.

The DOT will host a public meeting on June 3rd at the Baxter Community Schools Commons at 5pm.


  • William Denison

    GW Bush and the rest of the Republican party made the taking of ones land possable with the sighing of imminent domain. Thanks GOP!

    • Mike Cee

      I guess we know who has been smoking too much dope.

      For starters, it’s “eminent domain”, not imminent domain. And further, eminent domain is permitted under the 5th Amendment.

      • William Denison

        Hey Mike you may want to reread and better understand your bible before you pass judgement on others you fool.

      • William Denison

        Mike,I advocate Med Cannabis for my and others illness. FYI One of my best friends of over 40 years just passed yesterday from cancer. I watched him waste away. He could maybe still be here alittle longer if he could of ate and not had the stress of dieing. I hope for you and I to never cross paths,you’ll get your feelings hurt by this one time dope smoker.

    • Right Wing Patriot

      You clearly don’t know what you are talking about William. President Bush signed am executive order limiting property seizures for private development as a response to the Kelo ruling. Oh yeah, learn how to spell as well.

      • Right Wing Patriot

        Love of country brother! Red, White and Blue and proud of it! Unlike yourself trying to find ways to subvert the Constitution.

      • The Real Constitution

        Sorry “Right Wing Patriot” but you may actually want to READ the Constitution you seem to worship. The due process clauses include the right of the governments in the US to take private land after due governmental process. In other words either legislative process and/or judicial review. Please review the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments on due process plus the several SCOTUS rulings on the subject going back to the 1870s. If you want to stop a government from taking land then there is a process in place to handle the problem already. It’s called the state legislature.

      • Right Wing Patriot

        To The Real Constitution – I agree with you 100%. I was making a general comment towards are friends on the left as they find ways around the Constitutnion. You miss-read my intent. Eminent Domain has its role per your comments (as long as its not abused).

      • William Denison

        I love my country. I have two honorable discharges from two branchs of the military. I was almost killed in both branchs. How about you Mr. Red white and blue? I know your type, kids these days call people like you posers

      • The Anti William Denison

        William, before you start ripping on others for spelling errors, perhaps you should re-read your first post!
        It’s ‘possible’ , not ‘possable’. I assume you were referring to Bush ‘signing’ a bill, as his ‘sighing’ about it would not have made any difference in your life.

        And, I believe it is ’eminent domain’ you are complaining about, not ‘Imminent domain’. Eminent domain has been around since the 1500’s. it’s not a new concept that Bush invented.

    • rick marlar

      William I do not know where you got the Idea that G.W.Bush signed any kind of imminent domain bill I do not think he had to because it is already in the Constitution. Maybe you are thinking of Tom Vilsak vetoing an imminent domain bill which was later over turned by the Iowa house and senate.Oh just so you do not think I am being political I did not like either of those two CLOWNS

  • Monte Hess

    You may want to research your facts. Eminent (not imminent) Domain has been around in one form or another since the 1800’s. GW Bush actually issued Executive Order 13406 on June 23, 2006 which was the first anniversary of the Kelo decision made by the Supreme Court which affirmed Connecticut’s grab of private land to be given to another for higher tax revenue. Bush’s order limited the use of Eminent Domain – not as much as I would like to see, but did, nonetheless.

  • Latin: Eminent and Enema


    “Eminent” as in eminent domain and “enema” have the same Latin root origin: “eminens.”

    • Me

      Don’t baffle Dan with the finer points of punctuation and spelling while he’s bashing Democrats.

  • D

    My kids and I have driven this stretch of roadway (from Des Moines to Marshalltown, from Collins to Colfax) for the past 7 years and never thought it was particularly dangerous. I think anyone who finds it too dangerous perhaps does not have the requisite skills to be driving in the first place.

  • William Denison

    President Bush declared that the federal government can only seize private property for a public use such as a hospital or road

    The president signed an executive order in response to a Supreme Court decision granting local governments broad power to bulldoze people’s homes to make way for private development.
    New York’s highest court upheld condemning 50 properties to make way for a new basketball arena for the Brooklyn Nets. Down in Arlington, Tex. during the 90s, George W. Bush even profited from eminent domain for sports stadiums, turning his initial investment of $600,000 into a cool $15 million when the Texas Rangers were sold in 1998.

    • William Denison

      Three years after his big windfall of dirty money he looked the other way so Dick “Halliburton” Cheney could get a piece of the pie by allowing our nation to come under attack by just a small handful of guys from Saudi Arabia starting two wars with people who had nothing to do with the attack then and many more wars recently in the middle east. Happy Memorial Day.

  • Trevor

    A bunch of you need to grow up and stop judging other people that write comments. All it boils down to is it’s bullcrap that anybody can come on your property and take it from you. This county is no longer the land of the free. What do we need a government for. What good has it done for us.

    • Ishmale Whale

      No one actually ever OWNS any real estate property. If you bought real estate and payed in full, you don’t own it. You are still renting it via property taxes. If you don’t pay the government its yearly rent, they take your property. If you improve your property, they will raise the rent (taxes). I don’t have to pay reoccurring taxes on my TV, my computer, or even my vehicles (registration doesn’t count because they will not take it away, and I think that is a scam).

  • Mama Bailey

    The issue is not the intersection, it’s the idiots who see people coming and then decide to turn when oncoming traffic is too close for them to safely turn. I drove that stretch daily for two years and had a lot of close calls because of it. Don’t take this man’s land just because there are a few careless drivers on the road!

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