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AGRIBUSINESS: Spring Weather Cooler Than Usual

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It might not feel like it right now, but this spring has been cooler than usual, thanks largely to temperatures in March and April.

That's according to State Climatologist Harry Hillaker, who also points out that the current temperature is between seven and ten degrees above normal, with warmer weather in the forecast for the rest of the month.

Precipitation-wise, he says the spring has been fairly typical, but does not think that indicates what the rest of the year will be like.

He does point out that there are two ways to form a general outlook, starting with historical examples of years that began like 2014.

"We look at years that start off very cold, of course we had a ridiculous winter this past winter that didn't seem to want to end. We look at other years that start off that way and there's a bit of a tendency." He says, "There's a little bit of a tendency to be on the cooler side of usual. And not much indication precipitation wise in those sort of situations."

Hillaker says another long-term indicator seemingly on the way is El NiƱo, which somewhat favors cooler and wetter summers.

"The latest weather service outlook for the summer months has Iowa a bit on the cool and wetter side of usual. Not strong odds either one, but some in that direction, which would be quite a contrast to recent summers especially on the precipitation end of things."