ATV ACCIDENT: Support For Girl Seriously Hurt

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****Editor's note: The DNR now says the vehicle involved in the crash was an ORV, an off-road utility vehicle****

A 6-year-old Montezuma girl is fighting for her life after an ATV she was riding in rolled on top of her.

According to family friends, her father received a call that some of their cattle were loose Monday morning.  Six-year-old Kara Meyer and her younger brother went with him to check on the livestock.  While parked on the side of a gravel road, the road gave way.

"It was just a freak thing that nobody had any control over. It just happened. We're 100% behind the family. Just hoping for the best," says family friend Beth Holland.

"It's a really small community and we're all like family and it really hits home," says Macy Taylor.

The little girl is in critical condition in an Iowa City hospital. As her family sits at her bedside, friends back home are rallying behind the little girl. They started a Facebook page called Prayers for Kara. Then someone had the idea to do a cartwheel challenge.

"I was immediately like, 'Yeah, of course. That's a great idea,'" says Taylor.

Taylor was the first to take part in Cartwheels for Kara and others soon joined in. Each person challenges someone else and each cartwheel raises money for the family.

"She's got the biggest smile and biggest eyes. She just melts your heart. She's just a sweetheart. We all love her very much," says Holland.

Organizers say these fundraisers will show the Meyer family just how much the community loves and supports them.

"Everybody is thinking about her and hoping for the best. Hoping that she comes out of it OK," says Holland.

Kara's family is posting regular updates on her condition. Today, they say that doctors are concerned about swelling on her brain.

If you'd like to take part in Cartwheels for Kara or help the family, click here or visit the Facebook page, Prayers for Kara.


  • Teach

    Zip it! This is a wonderful family. From your comments, you need to learn respect. Karma coming your way…

  • Justice

    How sad for this family. What a beautiful little girl. No doubt the whole family is devastated by this tragedy. May God be with them and this little angel at this time of crisis and may God give the doctors wisdom with treating her.

  • Jess

    ok, something must have been deleted because ThinkB4Speaking and Teach make no sense.

    This story gives a little more detail which clears things up a lot from yesterday’s half story.

    Prayers for this little girl and her family. I’m sure Dad is beside himself with worry and guilt.

  • justsaying

    Was the girl driving?
    Maybe following her father as he checked or repaired the fence?
    If so then what?Negligence?

  • Amy

    If you don’t have any consoling words to share, please stop posting. your opinions don’t matter. all that you are doing is rialing people up that actually care about this little girl and her family. Get a life and consider actually doing something with it rather than anonomously involving youselves in other people’s tragedies. I’m sorry to be just another person posting on this comment board, but it needed to be said.

  • jess wauters

    I have a little girl that is 5 years old and is always with me on the farm. We too have a ranger and have cattle as well. She is always with me. This really makes me realize how fast accident s can happen. My prayers go out to this family.

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