WEEKLY WORKOUT: Flat Abs With Planks

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The world record for holding a plank is 3:07:15.

That`s a long time.

You can get the abs you want in 10-minutes with this killer plank series.

“It seems benign, but it`s incredibly affective for the core and tough to do,” personal trainer Angie Gallagher explained.

Planks have replaced crunches - and for good reason.

“It`s activating more muscles than a crunch would because you`re getting front, side and back, which most people neglect the back part,” Angie added.

This plank series targets it all. It starts with a bent arm, straight leg plank - with a little twist.

All seven moves are held for a minute.

Angie brings in an exercise ball for the next three variations on the plank. The ball ads instability, which engages the core even more.

Mountain climbers on the ball are next.   This activates more of the lower core.

Angie says the work is worth it.

“The plank gives you the flat ab look, which is what we all want right - flat abs?”

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