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NEW LAWS: Branstad To Sign Medical Marijuana, HIV Bills

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On Friday afternoon Governor Branstad will sign two major pieces of legislation into law.

The first legalizes the use of cannabis oil to treat children with seizure disorders in Iowa.

Under the law, parents will be able to fill prescriptions for the oil out of state and bring the product back to Iowa to use.

The second bill will change Iowa laws on HIV transmission.

Under current law a HIV positive person can be charged with a felony if they can’t prove they disclosed their status to a partner.

Under the new law a HIV positive person can only be charged with a felony if they intentionally try to infect a partner.


  • Ray Samuel Nath

    The only reason he is signing the MMJ bill is because it was a republican mayor with a daughter having seizures. ANY other party affiliation would have been auto veto. He will still take heat for it from the core of the GOP voters, but not enough to change the election.

  • William Denison

    Terry Braindead has disgraced the state of Iowa with his lies and corruption one to many times. Now he is racing to try and stop the inevitable.But its to late.By no reason other than his own greed and stupidity he has failed the peoples wishs once again. Keep hammering those nails in your own coffin Gov. Your making my job easy.

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    let me know when the first drop of legal CBD oil hits Iowa…I could bring it to you yesterday….the old fashioned way. Since lawmakers influenced by the so-called “mommy lobby” wanted to be able to help children with epilepsy enjoy a better quality of life but still ensure that they were not getting high…Sorry mommy lobby, your kids will also remain patients out of time…
    5/29/14 – the U.S. House just passed an amendment to block DEA medical marijuana raids in states where it’s legal

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