CLUB CLOSING: 7 Flags Shutting Its Doors

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The 7 Flags health club in Clive is closing its doors in June.

General Manager Kyle Hamer says the club is closing because of rising costs and competition from franchise gyms that offer cheap memberships. He also says when the current owners took over 18 months ago, a large investment had to be made on improvements to the club because of the poor conditions the previous owners left behind.

Parts of the health club will remain open over the summer, including the indoor and outdoor pool, steam room, Jacuzzi, and locker rooms. Kosama and the on-site salon will also remain open.

The rest of the athletic facility will close June 8th at 9:00 p.m.

Hamer says most of the club’s current memberships have been acquired by Aspen Athletic Clubs. Aspen is also interviewing current 7 Flags staff for possible hiring.

The events center portion of 7 Flags will remain open.

Hamer says some businesses have already expressed interested in leasing the space where the athletic club is located.


  • Sandy

    Never heard positive things, really never heard much of anything about this club. The new fitness center opening is what people want. My company offers a huge discount for family and it’s got everything imagineable so why not!

    • Poppy

      It doesn’t have an indoor track. That is the one thing I require in a gym, so the new mega gym will never get my business.

  • Dean Thomas

    Sorry any business closes, but this sounds like some whining and an unsuccessful business plan. Passion+brains sells.

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