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A Johnston High School student died Friday morning from injuries he suffered while longboarding Thursday.

Sixteen-year-old Henry "Hank" Evans was longboarding with friends on a bike trail near North View Park in Urbandale around 2:47 Thursday afternoon when the accident happened at a steep hill. His friends called for help but when emergency responders arrived Evans wasn’t breathing.

He was transported to Methodist Hospital where he passed away Friday morning.

Longboarding is like skateboarding but the board is longer and the wheels are bigger.

Evans had just completed his sophomore year at Johnston High School.

Funeral arrangements are still being made but a gathering for friends and family is being held Friday night at 7:30 at the Johnston Evangelical Free Church at 9901 NW 62nd Avenue.


  • Justice

    How sad. You can see by his picture that this boy loved life. My heart breaks for his family and friends after losing such a young man.

  • Mark Stanley

    You guys so missed the story here, yes, its important to wear helmets – tell that story 3 weeks from now – not today. Today, tell the story of the young man who loved life, was a friend to all and who, through his passing will save 8 lives and impact 100 others through the last great act of generosity in the family’s decision to donate his organs. Tell the story of the young man who had 100’s of people show up for a candlelight vigil to support the great and loving family he left behind and how the community came together to celebrate his life. He was a great young man, we knew him, he touched us and he will be missed.

  • marilyn raleigh

    use common sense had he wore a helmet he might be alive today, no ur wrong dont wait 3 weeks to tell the story about using hemets the safety of it it might save someone life tomorrow or today, yes he loved life the mistake of not wearing a helmet probably costs his life. Donating organs will save 8 lives but kids hearing this tragedy and knowing they should wear helmets can save more than 8 lives.. so know they did not miss the story hear u did say to say

    • Justice

      Wow, Marilynn, can you let the body get cold before you start ripping? Let this young man RIP and let the family grieve without comments like yours.

      • lookoutapiano

        As a longboarder myself, I don’t have respect for people who don’t wear helmets. They are ruining the sport for the rest of us.

  • Jeanne .miksich

    Enough of the comments on what he should have worn or did. Bless his family and may his friends learn from this unfortunate accident.

  • thisisnotourhome

    Watch KCCI’s story on Hank’s vigil. It was brief, yet a genuine insight of why we love and care about people in our lives. Time here is short and precious regardless of the amount. Pray for the Evans family and peace for those who knew Hank. A great kid.

  • Someone who cares

    I am deeply saddened by the context of your story. Are you serious? Someone just lost their son, brother, grandson, friend, etc and you keep bringing up the fact he was not wearing a helmet? Shame on you. Have you thought about putting yourself in their shoes? There is a time and place for everything and you completely missed the mark. I hope you apologize to his family and community.

    • Sally

      maybe they were bringing it up now because this tragedy is fresh in people’s minds. If they bring it up out of the blue, people won’t take is seriously.

      It sounds like this was a wonderful young man with incredible loving friends and family.

      I would like to think that if one child is saved from this same fate because they took the warning to wear a helmet seriously, because they saw this story, his family would at least think of that as some good that came out of this. Yes, I realize they are donating his organs to good out of a tragedy.

  • Brooke

    Just as motorcyclists aren’t forced to wear helmets neither are long boarders.! And just as some motorcyclists say it interferes with their safety rather than helps keep them safe as do some long boarders.! It blocks a lot of your hearing out and cuts into your side vision. This kid did nothing wrong by not wearing a helmet and it’s sad that that’s all you are thinking of blaming the poor kid who lost his life. Accidents happen and people die wearing helmets

    • Jenn

      a lot of the same people who say wearing a helmet impacts their hearing are also riding with ear buds in and music blasting in their ears. I’m sure that doesn’t affect their hearing at all!

      • lookoutapiano

        YES! and there are helmets that don’t block our vision also. Get your facts straight, Brooke.

    • onevoiceforall

      Brooke, the helmets no neither of those asinine excuses you bring up to defend your argument. Half shell helmets have the ears exposed and nothing in the way of one’s peripherals. Full faced helmets eliminate the noise from the wind that blows over you ears with a half shell and barely block your peripherals. You should probably have some first hand experience before you try to downcast something that saves more lives when worn than it would if they didn’t wear it.

  • Mick Tetrick

    WHO’s reporting on this story was an embarrassment! Focus on the tragedy of losing a fine young man who was loved by SO MANY! WHO’s lack of sensitivity and hype style journalism sickens me once again. God bless the Evans family and may they find the strength to deal with this tragedy. It is a tragedy to lose someone so young and full of life. A wonderfully kind and sensitive portrayal of the vigil was done by KCCI. Is it a wonder why they are the most watched?!? Bah humbug WHO.

  • Josh

    As a Longboarder, my heart goes out to the family for their loss. It is sad he was not wearing a helmet while riding. Most longboarders are avid supporters of wearing at least a helmet when ridding. The report has that portion a bit wrong. Not wearing a helmet while riding a piece of wood at high speeds is ridiculous. One wouldn’t jump out of a car doing the same speed would they? And the risk is greater on a longboard.

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