TRAFFIC STING: Dallas County Targeted

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Extra eyes are watching drivers in Dallas County Friday.

There’s a traffic sting focusing on commercial and regular vehicles in West Des Moines, Clive, Waukee, Adel and Grimes, just to name a few.

Members of the Central Iowa Traffic Safety Task Force will be on the lookout for people not wearing seatbelts and other traffic violations.


  • John

    Scofflaws, what is this 18th century England. I say that the county add 100 dollars to anyones tax bill unfornuate enough to be named Mike.

  • Sniper#2bravo

    Here is a news flash, don’t speed and wear your seat belt and you won’t get a ticket. You won’t have to contribute to the school or anything else that you don’t want to pay for. Obey the law and you don’t get a ticket. How hard is that. If your dumb like the mayor of Rose Hill, you will speed and break the law and you will risk getting a ticket. Ok! Class dismissed

  • Sniper#2bravo

    Troy please give us the code section that your referring about. I have three friends that would like to use that after doing just that and now they have huge fines and jail time. Please give us the code section that allows you to do that. Thanks

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