HOUSE SEATS: District Races Broken Down

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District 1

With Bruce Braley looking to win Tom Harkin’s Senate seat, five democratic and three republican candidates are aiming to take over from the representative’s House District 1 seat.

For the Democrats:

Dave O’Brien (D)

Anesa Kajtazovic (D)

Pat Murphy (D)

Swati Dandekar (D)

Monica Vernon (D)


For the Republicans:

Rod Blum (R)

Gail Boliver (R)

Steve Rathje (R)


District 2

Incumbent Dave Loebsack (D) can hold onto his campaign cash for the general election. The Democrat is running unopposed and hoping to win his fourth term in office.

Loebsack could end up facing a familiar opponent.

In 2008 and 2010 he defeated Marianette Miller-Meeks. She is seeking the republican nomination for a third time against Mark Lofgren and Matthew Waldren.


District 3

With the retirement of Tom Latham, Iowa’s third seat is also open.

And like the Senate race, democratic former state senator Staci Appel is running unopposed.

Meanwhile, it’s a crowded field on the republican side.

The candidates are:

David Young (R)

Joe Grandanette (R)

Matt Schultz (R)

Robert Cramer (R)

Brad Zaun (R)

Monte Shaw (R)

Polls leading up to now show a tight race. Once all votes are counted, we still may not have a winner.

The most recent poll from May 16th had Brad Zaun on top with 17-percent. That’s less than half of the number he needs to win the nomination.

If there isn’t a clear winner, the GOP will hold a district nominating convention. It would be the first since 2002. A date hasn’t yet been set.

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