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SENATE PRIMARY: 5-Way Race Concluding

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In 1984, Tom Harkin upset a republican incumbent to join Charles Grassley in the U.S. Senate.

Sen. Harkin has called it a career, paving the way for Iowa’s first new senator in 30 years.

The polls to choose the Republican nominee close across the state at 9 p.m. The results will finalize the general election ballot.

Rep. Bruce Braley (D) was Senator Harkin's pick to replace him. The Congressman ran unopposed for the democratic nomination.

On the republican side it's a five-way fight.

The list of candidates includes a talk radio host, a soldier, an energy executive, a car salesman and a prosecutor.

Throughout the GOP primary campaign, it has been anyone's race.

Most recent polls have Joni Ernst in front, followed by Mark Jacobs and Matt Whitaker.

Tonight we'll find out just how accurate those polls are.

Check back here for the Senate primary results as they come in.


  • Harry Moyer

    If Senator Harkin is such a terrible Senator, why couldn’t you girls get him out of office through a vote? Actually… If Harkin didn’t wish to retire, he’d be elected again…
    Can’t wait for Senator Braley!!!

  • Justice

    Everytime harkin opened his mouth is was an embarassment. Too bad he didn’t bow out decades ago. By the way, Harry, it was sheep like you that kept electing him.

    • Harry Moyer

      I’m a sheep that is factually based in my thought processes. You and your TeaBuggery are nothing but smoke, mirrors, conspiracy theories and outright lies. I believe in science and have no patience for those too ignorant to put 2+2 together, let alone listening to those that are constantly proven liars.
      I’m a sheep for knowing that Glenn Beck, What-a-Rush Limpballs, Drudge, etc, etc, etc; are just a bunch of shysters stoking those that believe in fairy tales. Those that fantasize about bringing back the good old days of the Confederacy and pre-civil rights.

      So yea… I’ll accept that title of “sheep”. YOU on the other-hand must accept the title of “inbred fidiot”.

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