Murder Suspect’s Mother Claims Self Defense

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Next month, a Des Moines woman will be tried on murder charges. Her mother says it was self defense.

"My daughter's not a murderer," said Tresa Ramsbottom. "My daughter is very loving, very caring. She'd do anything for anybody."

Last Thanksgiving, Ramsbottom's daughter, Miranda Metcalf, went out drinking with some friends. A few hours later, the 21-year-old mother found herself with several men she hardly knew in some apartments.

Metcalf told her mother she wanted to leave but couldn't find her keys. Then she said she got into a fight with one of the men, 28-year-old Juan Chavarria, and stabbed him in the chest, killing him.

"She was back there looking for her keys, she told me, and couldn't find them and he was hitting her. Threw her up against the wall so hard that she hit her head, fell down the wall," Ramsbottom said.

"I believe she was scared for her life. And then they were all laughing at her, talking in Spanish. She don't understand Spanish. She don't know what they were saying. She was scared to go to any door to get out. She didn't know what they would do. She believes, I believe they were going to rape her."

Ramsbottom said her daughter can’t remember anything about the incident. Metcalf is scheduled to be tried on first degree murder charged next month.

Metcalf's trial for first degree murder is set for July 14th.


  • Mike Cee

    A 21 year old single mother, out drinking, and ends up shacking up with “several men” she “hardly knew”, at least one of which is several years older.

    Not exactly a bastion of good decisions.

  • BrutallyHonest

    Maybe not good decissions, but still has the right to defend herself. I am curious as to how many of these guys are here illegally also!

      • Even more brutally honest

        I agree. Chick has the right to defend herself. We know all races are guilty of violence…. but my question is, will the witnesses still be in the area by the time the trial comes around? And how reliable is THEIR story? Should be an interesting one.

  • vanessa

    The prosecution must have some dawn good evidence to want to continue with the murder charges. It makes me wonder what other witness statements say as well. There’s more to this than WHO TV or mommy will tell . It always amazes me how many people claim the defendant “would do anything for anybody” does that include kill as well? Lol race is going be big factor you can Tell the defendant wants to be Hispanic or she wouldn’t be hanging around them let’s be real almost all races stick together in Des Moines so it’s obvious the defendant wasn’t just some “poor girl” who got lured Mexicans. She knew the area and mom can’t really claim the wall story since hello the mom wasn’t even there!!

  • John

    I was not going to comment but wow RoccoB that was a bit much. The MOM is being told that side of the story from the daughter. KNowing the prosucutors in central Iowa they would not bring a case that could be this racially motivated without knowing they had a good case. This is not the last we have heard about this case. I would be interested to see what happened the hours before the stabbing

    • RoccoB

      How is my comment a bit much?
      A chick carrying a knife in her bra…….at a dumpy apartment boozing it up with some illegals or transient Mexicans? Not exactly reading to the blind now was she?
      Fact is she was there to get paid. Services were rendered and when the Mexicans refused to pay she got all stabby.

  • da truth

    Definitely socks that she’s going to be in prison for the rest of her life maybe. But hopefully other girls will look at this and realize how stupid and rational some of these younger woman are nowadays especially the Caucasian females hanging put with the wrong crowds thinking they’re cool woman like that are nieve it’s because people like that shivalry is dead.
    Idk where this girls from but sounds like some southside shit.

  • Lacie

    Most of the comments on here are outright shameful. I don’t know how she wound up alone with these fellas, and it’s the least of my concerns. I’ll only briefly touch on the blatant racism here. Just because they were speaking Spanish certainly doesn’t make them illegal. Her reported fear of being raped while being attacked certainly categorizes this as self defense to me. It doesn’t matter if she made a series of “bad decisions” that lead her to being in a room full of men. It doesn’t matter if she’s been around the block a few times. If she were raped, those would be the cards pulled out from you people to justify it. Instead, she stabbed him and defended herself to avoid a rape.

    I do not know the other side of the story, but this is the story that’s out right now and the hate being spouted out on a woman for defending herself is incredibly disturbing. I don’t understand what has happened to us as a people if this is the way we react to news like this. Loss of empathy. It’s scary and sad.

  • Kyra

    So she can’t remember…and she was actually there. But, the mother knows everything that happened? Right. And she just “found herself” at this apartment.

  • John

    OK WHIO you have a new web site but how about a report button and screening of language and usernames on the site I cannot believe the late speech going on this comment section.

  • Bb

    I know her and have known her for years….. She knows some Spanish and she would sleep around a lot!! Miranda also was a big fighter!! If she didn’t get what she’s wanted she would want to fight!! I don’t think it was self defense, and she put her self into the situation!! She would sleep with more then one man in a night it’s not like that night was any different from many other nights! The only men she would associate with were Hispanic and some spoke only Spanish!! She deserves life in prison!! She took someone’s life and that’s that!!

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