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Two Airlines Submit Ft. Dodge Flight Proposals

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The last commercial flight out of Ft. Dodge was February 1.

The last commercial flight out of Ft. Dodge was February 1.

Passenger flights could be returning to the Fort Dodge Regional Airport.

According to the Fort Dodge Messenger, two airlines are seeking federal subsidies in order to locate in and fly out of the city.

Missouri-based Air Choice One said it would offer flights from Fort Dodge to St. Louis International or Chicago O’Hare airports.

The second company, Wyoming based Great Lakes Airlines would offer flights from Fort Dodge to the Minneapolis-St. Paul international airport.

The last commercial flight from the airport was February 1st.



  • Ishmale Whale

    Fort Dodge has been without air service for so long…does the airport really matter? I am a local but always flew out of Des Moines because it is always cheaper. I now refuse to fly due to the abusive TSA. If I can’t drive, I won’t go.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    Actually no, there has been no need demonstrated beyond a consultants lie as to why a subsidized airline is needed in Ft. Dodge. But since the town itself is run by racists constantly seeking to take other peoples money for their own use in re segregating the town economically and racially, it’s to be expected.

  • Ishmale Whale

    I see that FD wants all the money it can get, but I don’t see the racist items you bring up other than from the residents themselves…and most of the are people of color. Treat me with respect, you get the same back regardless of ones color. For segregating the local economy…WHAT ECONOMY? I was in the Frontier Days parade and noticed how many businesses are empty on central. And what Fort Dodge calls a mall is a sad joke.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      There’s a reason the city is focusing on development of the NE side of town, including putting the new, and only, middle school on the shiny new side of town instead of centrally locating it, and the water park, and a sidewalk to nowhere etc. There’s a reason the city is jacking up the property assessments of the older properties and making them pay for infrastructure the developers will then be able to exploit without paying for it.

      Here’s a hint, it’s not so minorities and people working at Walmart can move there…

  • Ishmale Whale

    I can see your point. FD was/is so hot and bothered for that cross town connector so it can bring down town back to life…but all the street repairs and new buildings are nowhere close to downtown. All the good retail space and convenient parking is on the mall side of town. The new housing is NOT for the people of FD, they are for outsiders to come in. But with the lack of businesses paying good wages, why would anyone want to. FD is nothing but motels, retail, and food services. 90% of jobs are low skilled minimum wage job.

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