David Flores in Court on Assault Claims by Ex-Girlfriend

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- David Flores was back in court Tuesday for his initial appearance.

He's facing charges of domestic abuse, willful injury, false imprisonment, and harassment. The charges stem from a September 2013 incident in which his ex-girlfriend accused him of assaulting her at a Des Moines home.

Tuesday morning prosecutors called a Des Moines police detective in to testify. The goal was to prove there is probably cause to move forward with the charges against Flores.

“She stated that Mr. Flores accused her of cheating on him. He locked the door to the residence, threatened to kill her and her family. He proceeded to assault her throughout the remainder of that day,” says Detective Brian Danner.

The judge did rule there is probable cause to believe that Flores committed all four crimes he's accused of.

His arraignment date is scheduled for July 17th.

David Flores was released from prison in July of 2013 after serving 15-years in connection with the 1996 shooting death of Phyllis Davis. He was awarded a new trial by the Iowa Court of Appeals but before the trial began he made a deal with prosecutors. He submitted an Alford plea to amended charges of attempted murder, terrorism, and voluntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to time served.

He has been arrested five times since his release from prison.

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  • The Phantom

    The guy is a dirtbag and should have never been released in the firstplace. His dad getting on TV several weeks ago saying they should drop the charges and let him go back to Califormia to (blend in and disappear) I mean get a new start. The bleeding heart approch did not work and will not work with the lowest common denominator. The longer he is on the street the higher the % that someone else will die at his hands.

  • Dit

    every ‘lifer’ in the pen is going to hate his guts – he gave 2nd chances for lifers a big black eye politically

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