Jack Hatch Unveils New Look in Campaign Ad

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Hatch has released his first general election campaign ad.

Hatch says he will make the differences between himself and Governor Branstad known on the campaign trail starting with a shave.

The ad says: “There’s one thing Jack Hatch and Governor Branstad have in common. And for Hatch, that’s one thing too many.”

“I’m Jack Hatch and like you, I’m ready for a fresh start,” the Democrat says in the ad.

After years of sporting a mustache, Hatch will be clean shaven on the campaign trail.


  • Mike Cee

    Remember what happened the last time a democrat held the Iowa Governor’s office? The state nearly ended up bankrupt and the budget was a huge mess. Given Jack Hatch’s voting record it’s clear that he’ll follow in Chester Culvers’ chubby footsteps and return Iowa to financial irresponsibility and insolvency.

    Rather than do something of substance, Hatch is resorting to gimmicks in a desperate plea for any sort of attention. So far his (and his partys’) mud slinging hasn’t resonated with Iowa voters, so now he is shifting tactics. It’s a signal that he knows his campaign is already in trouble-rather than do something that has real substance he decides to publicly shave. Brilliant Jack, simply brilliant. If this is an indication of the childish stunts you do for attention, I’ll be more than happy to stick with the status quo.

  • The Phantom

    Hatch is an idiot. MIke you are absolutly correct.Every time Hatch farts WHO TV13 is there to do a special report. They are trying to justify the election coverage. Hatch has nothing, no new ideas no “fresh” takes. The state is doing great right now and except for issue with mid level managers and theirn decisions you cannot fault Terry for anything. hatch is basically paying for his own election and hoping for reimbursment from the DNC and national special interest groups.

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