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Police: Man Says He’s a Twilight Actor, Lures Girl into Car

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BAXTER, Iowa – Baxter police have arrested a California man after they say he tried to lure a 14-year-old girl into his car.

Police said 33-year-old David Lavera had been communicating with the teen on social media. The victim's mother said the man told her daughter he was an actor from the movie, Twilight.

"This gentleman had met her previously in Newton and had talked to her. He got on Facebook with her. They were communicating on Facebook. And through that Facebook he came up here to Baxter to meet with her," Baxter Police Chief Steve Wright said. "This isn't somebody that just wants to be friends. And typically this is the kind of person that meets a profile of somebody that can be a predator and can be dangerous."

The victim's family said Lavera came to their home to pick up the teen. The teen's sister told her mother, who called police and several friends. One of those friends spotted the suspect’s car.

"My girlfriend saw them coming off a gravel road pointing back into town, blocked them off, jumped out, stopped the vehicle with her own body, and told my daughter to get out of the car. Made her get in her vehicle," the victim’s mom, April Roush said.

The suspect took off but police eventually caught up with him.

Police initially arrested Lavera on a weapons charge and for driving without a license. An enticement charge has since been added.

The victim's mother said she learned a lot from the incident.

"Instagram, Facebook, there's a reason there's an age limit on these things and I think all of us parents need to enforce that. And not go, ‘oh well my daughter's so good I can trust her.’ Well so was my daughter and look what happened," Roush warned.

According to the IMBD, Lavera has been in at least 13 different movies including Die Fighting, Fortune 500 Man and he played a bit role in Indiana Jones and The Temple Of The Crystal Skull.

Online records show he also uses the alias Kiowa Gordon, who is an actor who starred in the Twilight Saga.




  • Julie McWhirter

    The victim and suspect were at the playground/park when my friend and I were taking our lunch break and eating at the park. (I believe prior to the victim getting into the car with the suspect.) At no point did the victim appear to be in any danger. She turned and looked at us, acknowledging us. She was carrying on a conversation with him, while he was climbing on the playground equipment. At that point, three additional friends came to the park, they all shot baskets and socialized. Eventually a fourth friend showed up and socialized with them. While I agree we must be diligent and very conscious of stranger danger and always teach about right and wrong choices, I believe that there is more to this story than what’s being said.

  • bryaden Logue

    He came too our school claiming he was a twilight actor and our school Berg middle school let him do an assembly and have him come over to other peoples house to habg out

  • Kalista Townsley

    He came to my old school 2weeks ago and i was so happy to meet him me and mt friends where all flipping out and he truned out to be a creep wow why do people do thing crap they know when there doing they know what trouble there getting in to. There putting people lives on the line think what if he dident gey caught it could have went one step tp far we dont know that teen could be dead. What has the world come to these days gosh…. not cool

  • Shayla Spangenburg

    Berg Middle School Principle also let this man swim with the 8th graders, at the end of the year pool party!

  • Devon Cummins

    The question is How the hell did the school let this man in without A. inviting him and B doing a background check to make sure he is who he says he is? This man was arrested for drug possession and involved in a sexting scandal. Who thought it would be a good idea to have this man talk to our middle school children? Did anyone even question how odd this all seems? Did the school even invite him or did he just show up? There are too many unanswered questions and too many people that were in charge of protecting our children that dropped to ball! I mean after Berg Middle school allowed him in the school, the children no longer believed there was any reason to believe there was any danger!

  • Mike Cee

    What kind of parent doesn’t closely monitor their minor childs’ internet and social media?

  • Dee

    A true Twilight fan would know that he looks nothing like any of the actors and would be weary of him etc. And most pedi files don’t look harmful in public places, unless they want to be caught. Anyone who has to pretend to be someone else to get younger people to hang out with them is probably a sex offender or something cuz it is not normal to just pretend to be someone else to hang out with younger kids etc. Parents need to be on alert and teach kids common sense and block sites from kids cuz they’re not mature enough to be on social sites if they don’t have the common sense to watch out for the wrong people online. If it’s too good to be true it probably is not who you think it is.

  • James W

    Just goes to show you nothing positive can come from watching Twilight …
    True Blood =1 Twilight = 0

  • BrutallyHonest

    THis all falls on the parents. It all started on socail media, which per the story it looks like the parents were aware of their daughter talking with this guy. I do not see how a parent can be so ignorant to this kind of stuff going on with social media, these parents clearly were because they stated that they have learned alot from this incident. Also, how did she get to newton to meet him the first time.

  • Cops for kids!

    This falls on the suspect. He presents himself as a movie star. He is a predator, searching, looking for, seeking his next prey. Are you going to blame the parents for sending their daughter to school where their child met him? Yes parents, need to monitor their children’s social media. It was also the parents, friends, and family that reacted quickly to save this young girls life.

  • Michelle Wilkening

    Baxter is a small, quiet town where very little happens. Unfortunately, I think some of our parents and kids have become way too trusting. Get nosy, people! If you see a teen talking to someone much older than them and you don’t recognize them, go introduce yourself and ask who they are! Teens, if your friend is talking all school year about talking to this guy from a popular movie or tv show, TELL AN ADULT! The vast majority of cast members are WAY too old to be hanging out with a 14 year old, and sure as heck don’t look for people in small town Iowa!!! I pay attention to what my teens are up to and who they talk to and hang out with. I talk to my kids constantly about the dangers of meeting these people and going with strangers. AND JUST BECAUSE SHE ACTED LIKE EVERYTHING IS OKAY, DOESN’T MEAN SHE IS OKAY!!!!!

  • THOR

    this is just like WOW! David Lavera came to my school and apparently was a friend of this kid I know’s family. All seemed so convincing but then I saw a picture of the guy, Twilight picture,and I said,”That can’t be him looks nothing like him. But that kid I know said that its because he is wearing so much make up. Ummhmm.

  • Ariel Rosalee

    When He Was Doing The “Superman Flip” Over The Students He Went Behind Them And It Looked Like He Was “Checking Them Out” It Was Then That I Realized That Hes A Creep Yet I Didnt Say Anything I Just Kept Looking At The Video A Couple Of Times Just Trying To Check It Over I Didnt Know What To Do So I Just Kept My Mouth Shut And Deleted The Video And Then This Happened .. WOW !! Now I KNOW I Should Have Said Something ..

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