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David Flores Tells Court He’s Being ‘Treated Unfairly’

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DES MOINES, Iowa – David Flores was back in a Polk County courtroom Wednesday.

The Des Moines man had a contempt of court hearing for violating a no contact order.

Flores is charged with domestic abuse for allegedly beating his girlfriend last September. He fled the state after he was charged but was arrested by a bounty hunter last month in Arizona.

The judge decided to continue the hearing to July 1.

Flores got the chance to address the court today.

“I’m being treated unfairly and it’s happening over and over. I don’t think it’s fun that people are laughing about it. I don’t think nobody knows the situation here but me and the woman involved,” an emotional Flores said.

Flores is still behind bars, without bond.


  • Justice

    Seriously, Yoloman? You claim to be a ‘man’ by your name on this site. However, a real ‘man’ would not make up excuses for anybody no matter what color they are for abusing another person, let alone a woman. This has nothing to do with minorities. Why is it that minorities always play that card when others are guilty of crimes? Shame on you. Maybe instead of “Yolo Man” you should call yourself “Little Man”.

  • Don

    it’s the woman you chose to be with, who’s making the accusations, and it’s you who chose to run
    how exactly, does that mean the rest of us are treating you unfairly?

  • The Phantom

    He should have never been released. He wants to be all thug but whines and cries like a punk he and his whole family are a blight on society. Ask anyone in the neighborhood.

  • Mike Cee

    Come on people, this poor soul and his family have been persecuted by authorities their entire lives. Never mind that David murdered another person, ignore the fact that he beat up his girlfriend and held her against her will. That he skipped his bond and fled to another state is completely understandable-a man should not have to answer for his actions when they are always the fault of someone else.

    We should all feel sorry for him because none of this is his fault. It’s all the fault of (insert today’s scapegoat here), and we should be understanding and forgiving, and not hold David to the same standards to which real men are held.

  • Just a Mom

    Stop making bad decisions in your life and maybe people will have some compassion for you, It’s always someone elses fault what is happening with this guy. Time to grow up , leave the woman alone and actually be the Dad you want everyone to think you are. You got a second chance by being released and you have done is continue to get in trouble. Lots of people never get that second chance.

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