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Fake ‘Twilight’ Actor Arrested In Attempted Abduction Visited Newton Schools

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NEWTON, Iowa -- The Newton Community School District has admitted a man arrested Tuesday in an alleged attempted abduction case, who claimed to be an actor from the movie ‘Twilight,’ was admitted to two district schools.

Thirty-three-year-old David Lavera is charged with child enticement. According to his online biography, Lavera was in several movies. But the family of the alleged 14-year-old victim says he told the teen he starred in the ‘Twilight’ saga.  She believed him, and the two communicated using social media.  That is until Tuesday, when police say Lavera came to Baxter to pick the girl up.

A family friend was able to get the teen away from Lavera.

The school district says Lavera performed some stunts at a school assembly at Berg Elementary and Middle School earlier this month.

They say parents vouched for Lavera and he signed into the schools with his own name. A teacher was always with Lavera, but apparently did not notice when he began signing autographs with the name “Kiowa Gordon.” Gordon really was an actor who appeared in ‘Twilight.’

Lavera also faces weapons charges. Police say they found two swords and several daggers in his car.

Law enforcement officials are asking anyone who might know where Lavera was over the past three weeks to contact them.


  • kam

    Ok so is it just me? The girl willingly went with him. When her family stopped him, he let her out. How is that attempted kidnapping?

    • Jones083119

      The intent of the victim is irrelevant. The intent of the “perp” is the issue when a crime is charged. If there is a legitimate issue with the charge, the defense attorney will sort it out.

      If the intent of the victim were relevant, than every perp who used a ruse to commit a crime (rape, murder, kidnapping, etc.) would be shielded for no reason. The Prosecutor still has to show intent on the part of the defendant, which might be a tall order, unless he talked to the police after being apprehended. That being said, its probably best to let the people who know what they are doing (the prosecutors / defense attorneys) sort out the mess.

  • Just a mom

    These young girls need to stop meeting up with guys they meet on social sites and the Newton school district better start checking out the people who come to visit their school a little better

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