Texas House Falling Over Cliff into Lake

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texas house

Lake Whitney, Texas – A luxury house in Central Texas has started falling into the water reports KCEN.

It’s in the White Bluff Resort area near Lake Whitney.

The edge of the 4000 square foot home was dangling about 75 feet above the rocky shoreline after part of it had already broken off.

Tax records show the residence, built in 2007, is valued at more than $700,000.

The house was already condemned because of a fracture in the bluff.

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  • Elisobeth Gingrich

    No Bad Feelings, But: That House, Is Just Too Big, To Begin With, In ANY State, Even If There Was No Cliff! Who Even Owns A House, THAT Big?! I Don’t Own A House, THAT Big! Goodness! That House Is Way Too Big, And Too Many Rooms, To Clean! I Don’t Think, I Would Want To Clean A House, THAT Big! Again: Even If THAT House, Had Never Been Built, Near A Cliff, I Still Think THAT House, Is Too Big, For Just A Few People! The Owner Probably Wishes, They Had A Rewind Button, For THAT House, Now! Yeah, The Own Probably Wishes, They Had A Rewind Button, And Had Never Built THAT House, Now! yikes! Also: I Live Below The 5000 Dollar Mark. Yeah, All Of My Life, Has Been Spent, Living Below The 5000 Dollar Mark! No Complaints Though. I Have Always Had A Place To Live, So There Should Be No Complaints, Right?!?!

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