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Playground Set on Fire by Girls is Being Rebuilt

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The restoration of a Des Moines playground is underway after it was destroyed by an act of arson.

The playground at Park Avenue Elementary School was set on fire in March. Two girls told police they started the fire because they were bored.

The equipment had been installed just five months before the fire.

Work began earlier this week to replace the charred playground. It will be ready for kids at the end of the summer.


  • Mike Cee

    I sincerely hope that the costs are being born by the girls’ families and not the taxpayers.

  • Just a Mom

    My thoughts exactly Mike Cee. And these girls should be made to help restore it along with their parents.

  • Sue

    ‘bored’…..sounds like some kid that need chores around the house. Those parents need to make sure that these girls (I wonder how old they are) have enough responsibilities that they are never bored again! Seems to me the parents should be paying for this and the girls should then be working off the debt to their parents. Or, maybe a little community service. Perhaps they should spend the summer working in the public parks.

  • LRB

    What happened to parents actually PARENTING their children? I was bored as a teen, but knew RIGHT from WRONG! One can only hope that the parents of these children have ALSO learned a lesson and step up to the PARENTING PLATE a bit more! And I agree with above comments. BOTH parents and children should be part of the rebuilding process, and any other fundraising events needed to pay for it (or they can just pay for it themselves). It’s ridiculous!

  • Angelie

    Let us hear from the parents if they are paying for it or not. If not, they need to put their girls to work so they could pay for it otherwise put them in juvie.

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