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Police Say SUV Turned Into Motorcyclist, Killing Driver

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DES MOINES, Iowa–Des Moines police are checking to see whether alcohol or speed had any involvement in a fatal crash Saturday night. Police say an SUV driving south on Southeast 14th Street turned into a Hy-Vee parking lot but hit the rear-end of a passing motorcyclist.

Police said the cyclist, Shawn Sabin, 29, of Newton, died later at the hospital.

They said officers questioned the driver of the SUV and the occupants inside. Authorities have announced no charges in the case.


  • Sue

    How very sad! Prayers to both families. No matter who’s fault this was, the SUV driver will have to live with this the rest of their life.

  • John

    I see on KCCI the helmet law debate has been started over this unfortunate young man’s death.
    I think there should be a helmet law for children riding on a motorcycle with an adult (yes, I see it a lot), just like there is a car seat law. Children are not ready to make that decision for themselves.
    As for adults…the only valid reason I see for having a helmet law is due to the expense of treatment for a head injury. You have chosen to take a bit of risk. If you have an accident and survive it with a serious head injury, there is going to be some expense in medical care, rehabilitation, maybe home upgrades so you can get around easier, etc. If auto insurance pays for that, everyone’s rates go up to cover motorcycle accidents. If the government pays for that, everyone pays for it through their taxes.
    I’m really not anti motorcycle. I will admit, they make me a little nervous because I am afraid I maybe won’t see one when I try to change lanes. Or, the guy on the motorcycle in front of me will have an accident and I will hurt him worse by hitting him. Same way I feel when I see a bicycle on the road in front of me in town. It scares me when we go to California too because out there they race up between the lanes of cars on the freeway during rush hour. Very startling!

  • Brian

    I’m trying to understand how someone hits the back of a passing motorcycle when turning left. How does that even happen?

    • Mike

      I think the motorcycle clipped the back of the SUV, very near the bumper. That is what they showed on TV last night.
      Very horrible for the family of both people.
      Technically I think it is the motorcycle’s fault.
      They say he was speeding.
      A few years ago I was making a left turn and got t-boned. Because the other car hit me in the front half of my car (right at the driver’s door), the insurance company said it was my fault. I did not have time to make my left turn. They told me if he had hit me in the back half of my car, it would have been HIS fault because the assumption would have been that he should have seen me and been able to slow down to avoid the accident.
      So, assuming the motorcycle WAS speeding, the SUV looks, judges the distance and makes his turn. Because the motorcycle was speeding it got to him quicker than it should have and clipped the very back of his car. He only missed being able to avoid the SUV entirely by a foot to a foot and a half. Not sure if he was moving to fast to swerve to avoid the band end (maybe afraid he would wreck) or if he did try to avoid it and miscalculated a little. Maybe the biker thought the SUV was moving faster than it was.
      Either way, it is very sad for both parties involved.

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