AGRIBUSINESS REPORT: Possible Rise in Pork Prices

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With Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus rampant in the country, USDA announced a new reporting rule during the World Expo several weeks ago. Now they are explaining exactly what producers need to do.
In a fact sheet released, operations reporting the virus needs to work with a veterinarian to develop and implement a management plan to address and prevent spreading the virus.
Electronic reporting from diagnostic labs will be fully implemented this week.
Reports need a premises ID number, sample collection date, type of unit sampled, test methods used and diagnostic test results. USDA promises information will be kept confidential.
With the rise of PEDV, hog inventories are reduced. The first signs were USDA survey estimates of pigs per litter. The latest economic research report shows lower average litter sizes, and the 2014 pig crop is down two point eight percent compared to 2013. Market analysts suspect this summer will see an increase in port prices as the first generation of the weakened herd hits the market.

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