Teacher Facing Charges for Alleged Assault on Special Education Student

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A Hubbell Elementary School teacher is on paid administrative leave following accusations she assaulted a special education student.

Anita Babe is a 5th grade teacher for the Des Moines Public School District.

She’s charged with two counts of assault causing bodily injury or mental illness. According to police reports, Babe assaulted the student while at school on two occasions — April 10th and April 15th.

The report also says Babe grabbed the student by the arms and pulled him, causing bruising to his arms.

Photos of the bruising were taken by the school nurse and police.

The Des Moines School District is conducting an internal investigation. A spokesperson says Babe was placed on leave immediately following the alleged assault.

Babe is scheduled to stand trial in August.

Her attorney declined to comment.


  • The Phantom

    I would like to hear the entire story. This seems as if WHO just got the story and ran it without any in depth reporting Which is my only issue with WHO web site.

    • RoccoB

      Good god…..you do go to school right?
      You must be in the same special ed classes because you write like 3 year old.

      • Lori

        As a aunt and a parent treat a child the way that you want your child to be treated…imagine someone putting hands in your child…if the situation wasn’t threatening to the child, any other student or herself then she had no business putting her hands on ANYBODYS child…in fact I am trying to find who the parents are of this student because I know of 2 instances with this woman that would not be favorable for her…

  • Sara Williams

    Please do not judge this wonderful teacher. The charges are false and she is being railroaded by the family, the school and the district. There is way more to this than is being reported and I’m hoping that any worthy news organization would dig into this because this mess runs uphill and straight to the district.

  • MVN

    My child was a student of Miss Babe’s for 2 years. We are privileged to have a public school system so our children can make our community and the world a better place or at least try. Not everyone gets the opportunity to say they had a teacher in their life that really cared about them. My son was lucky to have such an amazing teacher to show them things that many children in other countries don’t get the privilege to have. Our family has nothing but GREAT experiences. Her students were upset when she was asked to leave. They protested! Her own students! Shame on you WHO TV for running a story before a trial. I sure hope you run another story once the trial is completed and all the facts have been laid out. There are times when we need to stand up for what is right and support those that make a positive experience. She has been a teacher for 23 years, she has invested in over 1000 – 5000 students and we can’t run a story or make the news on the good things. We run a story that will ruin someone’s life or career.

    • Trevor

      I totally agree with you 100%. I do not know this teacher but the news post neg stories and comments and most is here say not facts.

    • WHOis Drama

      I agree SHAME on 13. They are out to destroy everyone but there own people. Did you know Two of their own News reporters were picked up for OWI’s last week? Both of their OWI’s was a day a part of each other. We don’t dare run a story about them do we 13?? You would have, if it was another news reporter other then 13 huh? See Des Moines Register has all the facts on your two reporters! Maybe 13 needs to calm down on the drama, take a good look and fix your reporters before you throw stones at a glass house!

  • Joshua

    Reading these post really make me worry. Regardless of the story or how great this teacher is, there is no reason for an adult to “grab” a child ever. Yes it appears there is one side of the story here, but her attorney had a chance to speak on her behalf and they declined. She could have been the best teacher on the planet, but you “grab” my child and I would do the exact same thing. Also this is the second offense, (keep in mind, being reported the school nurse) for these actions and I’m surprised she is still getting paid. Children with special needs, need an actual special education teacher, one who is trained in all types of special education not just someone to fill in. Just my 2 cents.

    • ls2

      “no reason for an adult to grab a child ever”. I don’t think you have thought that through… So when I stopped a kid stabbing a student with scissors, or from running into the parking lot full of cars, or trying to crack their own head on the concrete? What is your solution?

      • Joshua

        Obviously that wasn’t the case, let’s use some common sense here. Further up in the post an eyewitness in the class said, “I go to that school and that kid was spose to go to the priceples office and he woulded and she grabed his arm and he yanked away it was not her falt that kids name was dokota Langford and he waa in fith grade and so am I and he is in my class so I saw it happen”. His life, nor anyone is was in danger here.

  • Jessie Brown

    It’s not right to hurt someone that like you can’t do stuff that like that it’s not ok for a teacher to do that it’s rude and it’s sad to that to a nice student I mean are you two years old? No you aren’t

  • jesse

    this is all a lie she is a good teacher and has the biggest heart I will stick by her side till the end none of you know her like I do she is my favorite teacher she taught me a lot and I always felt save with her and she help me through my ups and downs god will get her through this and all u people talking down on her should be ashamed of your self

  • Christine

    Ms. Babe was my teacher, she is a very nice and caring person. I don’t believe she is at fault! She wouldn’t hurt anybody!

  • tiffany daugharthy

    Mrs babe was my elementary school teacher. She was loving careing and kind hearted. She always taught us what to do. She cared about her students. She came to my dads funeral when he passed away. I know she did not do this. So far we are only hearing one side of the story. There is two sides to this story. She is apart of my family and will always be. My family and I support her and will always be there a 100 percent.

  • Joey

    People, I know u like this women and stuff but, this is a boy with a mental defect and I actually have a cousin who is, and she grabbed his arm and I saw that that guy said he pulled away but she didn’t need to grab as hard as she did did she? Cause I mean she left bruises on his arms and this boy can’t really think about what he’s doing and I think u should never harm someone with special needs like this boy, and I know a lot of u won’t like what I am posting but this is what I think, and I mean I would never ever do anything like this to my cousin who is special needs.

  • RoccoB

    Another case of some clueless mom ( single mom I bet) who never sees fault in their hell-spawn of a child.
    Seen it before.

  • Mike Cee

    When I was in 4th grade (many, many years ago) a teacher used a yardstick on my backside when I misbehaved in class. It left a red welt.

    It was one of the best things that he could have done. From that point on I never misbehaved in class again. I have thanked him many times over my life for helping to focus my discipline when I needed it most.

    On occasion kids act misbehave to the point that an adult has to take decisive action, especially those in “special” education. In this case it was simply a case of some bruises on the arm-very possibly in an area that was sensitive to bruising anyway (my inner arms bruise if I just bump them). While I think that it should be investigated, I will also reserve judgement until the full story is told. Then, if it’s simply a case of the teacher trying to handle an unruly student, I think that it is not an issue.

  • Davina

    I don’t know the teacher or student, but I do know that there have been some major changes since I was in public school 40 years ago. Back then, special ed kids were only ‘mentally challenged.’ Now days, all kids are allowed to attend public school, no matter their issues. My daughter is an elementary special ed teacher and many of the kids she has have major behavioral problems. She has more kids with behavior problems then intelligence problems. 30-40 years ago, kids with the behavior problems were not even allowed in the public schools. Now teachers have to cope with them along side the mentally challenged kids. My daughter has been kicked, stomped on, hair pulled, things thrown at, etc. Even a first-grader with behavior problems is hard to handle, but a fifth grade boy? How do you stop a kid hell-bent on running out of the school? How do you stop a kid who is beating up the teacher? There are kids in the schools who do this.

    • Saly.

      and you can’t defend yourself, or the child, or the other children because then you are picking on a special needs child. ‘special needs’ has become a free pass. ‘my kid is special needs, he can do whatever he wants and you need to cope with it, WHILE still making sure the other 25 kids in the room are safe and well educated!’ Teachers should get should be handed their angel wings right along with their teaching degree! And no, I don’t know this woman, nor am I a teacher, just a mom.

  • jane

    Is everyone forgetting that ALL school employees— the special ed teacher (witness) and the nurse who took ‘pictures’ are MANDATORY reporters? Why is it that IF this is true it wasn’t immediately reported? Why is it that this was not reported until the parent filed charges? People, if it can’t pass the smell test, start looking for the problems. The principal, the special ed teacher who is incapable of teaching, the nurse– all who failed to mandatory report. The school district that is in dire need to raise funds to pay for a law suit the KNOW they will be losing.

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