Democrats Honor Retiring Senator Tom Harkin

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tom harkin

Democratic celebrated the career of the man they’ve been sending to Washington DC for the last 40-years during a ceremony Friday evening.

Senator Tom Harkin has been inducted into the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame.

The Cumming native was first elected to Congress in 1974. After ten years serving in the House, he was elected to the US Senate and has been serving Iowa there ever since.

Harkin is remembered as a defender of the middle class.

“For 30 years he always understood that the way you grow your economy is to make your middle class stronger. That’s the truth that also endures,” Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (D) told the audience.

Harkin is the longest serving Democrat in the US Senate in Iowa history. Former Congressman Neal Smith is the only Iowa Democrat to serve in Washington longer.


  • losliberalessonmastantosquemeirda

    yepper, ole tom cost iowa aprox 30-40 million back in 92 when he ran for president…not one possible dem candidate came to iowa that year cause of ole tom…..course, tom went on to new hampshire and rec’d 3% of the vote and dropped out…… yepper, tom …. enjoy your home in the bahamas…… sure better than martensdale……..

  • CraigW

    Wonderful man Tom Harkin is, a career politician that has been a rubber stamp for the Democrat party. Never a leader in his own party, been in Washington since 1974. Sure give him a committee chair over the decades, but not a leader for Iowa, or anything for that matter, even the Democrats in DC did not elevate him to a leader.
    Guessing he will be asking for a donation to his library tonight, another monument to a joke.

  • Right Wing Patriot

    I want to personally thank Senator Harkin for being one of the main contributors to our $17 trillion national debt. In addition, Americans not even born yet thank you as well.

  • gimmieabreak

    duh, name recognition is key:
    the stupid people of Iowa are known for re-electing dictators & crooks….just like ol braindead.
    ….re-elect no one, ever.

    • Right Wing Patriot

      You actually make a good point. Career politicains, regardless of party, have greased thier own wheels instead of looking out for the general welfare of the country as a whole. There are a few good folks out there fighting the slime in Washington. The key is limited government. The government apparatus is so large it’s next to impossilbe to monitor whats being spent, thus resulting in waste, fraud and overall abuse.

  • keepitreal

    Good riddance. He’s an Iowa version of San Francisco’s Pelosi and Nevada’s Harry Reid. A tax and spend left wing liberal who made a fortune off the backs of taxpayers for 40 years. I hope Ernst can derail Harkin’s clone Braley so we end having a pro-big government Senator from Iowa. Bye Tommy! And not a minute too soon!

  • William Denison

    Harkin knew it was his time to go. Grassley knows its his time as well but greed and corruption keeps him on the job even in his 80’s.

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