Prison Sentence Handed Down for Teen in Brutal Carjacking Case

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A Des Moines teenager was sentenced to prison Monday for his role in a brutal carjacking.

Eighteen-year-old Kenneth Barry was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He will serve seven years before becoming eligible for parole. He pleaded guilty to second degree robbery and conspiracy to commit forcible felony.

Police say Barry, along with Terrance Cheeks and Leshaun Murray, pulled Mike Wasike out of his car last year and severely beat him.

Wasike suffered permanent brain damage and is receiving care in an Oklahoma facility. His wife, Joan Namachemo, gave a powerful victim impact statement during the hearing. She says Barry and his friends ruined her family’s lives and took away their future.

Namachemo says in recent conversations with Wasike’s doctors, they told her he has likely reached his maximum for recovery and won’t get any better. He can’t talk, can’t stand on his own, and is being nourished through a feeding tube. Because of his brain injuries, Wasike has been grinding his teeth and Namachemo says she had to give consent to have all of his teeth pulled because doctors say he has broken them all.

During the sentencing hearing, the judge praised Barry for testifying against the other defendants and getting his high school diploma while being held in juvenile detention. The judge says he thinks with work, Barry can become a productive member of society when he is released.

Murray entered a plea deal and will be sentenced July 25th. Cheeks was found guilty and  was sentenced to 50 years in prison.


    • Sally

      According to the story on KCCI it was this kid’s gun. Seems to me his sentence should be worse. Maybe at 18 you can legally own a gun. I have never seen anything that said which kid actually hit Mr. Wasike.
      Mr. Wasike and his family have my utmost sympathy.

      • Sally

        Ok, thanks, Patti for the clarification. It is still much shorter than the other boy though, he got 50 years. Horrible horrible thing to have happened!

  • The Phantom

    His dad defending this kid saying he is not a monster…….eh yea he is. No normal person makes the decision to beat and rob then destroy another persons life over a few dollars. All three of these thug want to be’s need a taste of their own medicine.

  • Patti Guy Sheeler

    My sympathies to the family. If Mr. Wasike would have died, all of the sentences would have been murder, but isn’t that really what they committed? He lies in a vegetative state, not resembling at all who he used to be, and the family must carry on. I think they went far too easy on these kids.

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