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Attorney for David Flores Wants State to Pay for Private Investigator

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The attorney for David Flores has filed a motion asking the state to pay some of the investigative costs for the defense in connection with Flores’ domestic assault trial.

Online court records show a judge will hear the motion Thursday. It asks the state to pay for a private investigator for the defense.

Flores is facing charges of willful injury, domestic assault, harassment, and false imprisonment for an incident involving his ex-girlfriend in September of 2013. The woman says Flores held her hostage at a home on East 13th Street and choked and assaulted her.

After Flores’ arrest, he posted bond and skipped town. He was captured in Arizona in May by a bounty hunter and brought back to Iowa to face trial.

His arraignment is scheduled for July 17th.

Flores has had several run-ins with the law since his release from prison in July of 2013. He served 15 years in a 1996 murder but was awarded a new trial. Before the new trial began a plea deal was reached with prosecutors and he was sentenced to time-served and released.

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  • The Phantom

    This request must be a joke. What would they investigate. Why yes your honor after our in dept investigation we found he is a scumbag and woman beater. That will be $150,000.00

  • Adam

    Should have never let the scumbag out to begin with. He’s a drain on society, that’s all he ever has been and all he ever will be.

  • The Phantom

    ever notice that the only picture WHO uses is the one were he is crying. Why don’t they use the picture with his hands around a womans neck or a picture Phyllis Davis. Hey what about the judge he treatened or the places he hide at when he ran away to CA or AZ when out on bail. How about the video when we threatened the photog taking his picture. Those are all good pictures to use.

  • Krjbolej

    Is it just me, or does it look like he’s half crying in this photo. Probably for his half investigator.

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