City allows ‘Cops’ to Shoot in Des Moines

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cops tv show

DES MOINES, Iowa – Des Moines police will soon be busting “bad boys” on national television.

The city council unanimously approved a contract with producers of the TV show “Cops” Monday that will allow cameras to follow Des Moines police while on duty.

The show has filmed in Des Moines three times before.

The Des Moines Police Department has final editorial approval on the episode before it airs.


  • donk

    they’re allowing this to be filmed in Des Moines? what are you going to do…..when they come for you?

  • William Denison

    I hope they get footage of some old guy who’s just fishing in the downtown area along the bike trail minding his own business getting arrested for it so the rest of the nation to see just how messed up Des Moines really is. I’m sure however if that happened the show would edit it out upon the city’s leaderships request.

  • do ur job

    I luv that they retain the right for editorial approval when they shouldve teamed up with a sandwhich shop and made the turkey sandwhich the official sanwhich of the dsm pd with a certain amount of proceeds going to some under underfunded community program. Somewhere I’m sure there is a memo to stay off railroad tracks.

  • donk

    maybe they will film Ed Fallon getting arrested for camping in a traffic median, protesting the Koch brothers

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