Homeless Camp Evictions Remain on Hold

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homeless camp

DES MOINES, Iowa – Plans to evict residents of a homeless camp along the Des Moines River remain on hold.

The City of Des Moines began notifying residents of the camp earlier this month that they are being kicked off the public land.

The homeless residents are now appealing the eviction notice.

At Monday’s city council meeting, homeless advocate David Costello pleaded for council members to be compassionate and a promised a fight if they didn’t.

“I think there’s a more compassionate way to deal with our homeless sisters and brothers and if we’re unable to do that I figure I’ve got one more good fight in me,” Costello said.

Council members say they are waiting on a ruling on the appeal before taking any more steps.

The city is in the process of hiring a homeless coordinator to deal with future issues with homeless camps.


  • Sally

    I realize that some of these people cannot help the situation they are in. I realize there those with mental disabilities and illnesses. But, I know that the ‘gentleman’ that threatened me in the parking lot when I worked downtown seemed fine and healthy and able to work. He made a joke about the fact that ‘that’s just how us homeless people are’. Some of these people choose to sponge off of the government and those of us that work and pay taxes. they clean up in gas station bathrooms, the live for free on public property, or private property, I don’t think most care.
    So, go ahead and attack me. I have true sympathy for the ones who cannot help the situation they are in, I know that bad things happen to good people. But, I also think there are those that are just drains on society.

  • William Denison

    Sally, you and your kind are the biggest drains to our society with your life style of greed, corruption,hate and fear. Instead of bashing the homeless why don’t you do something to help them? The time it took for you to write your rant you could of helped make change for those who suffer. Have you ever been alone, scared,hungry,freezeing, and harassed at the same time? These people live that life every day.Leave them alone.

    • Sally

      Well, William, I should have known that YOU would only see the negative in my post. AS I SAID I realize there are some people who are good people and cannot help the situation they are in.
      The homeless guy who threatened me and took my money when I was WORKING downtown certainly did not seem to be down on his luck, just unwilling to work. You know nothing about me, you don’t know what I do or don’t do for others. I don’t see how I am a drain on our society when I work full time and pay taxes. I am supporting a lot of people who ARE a drain on society.
      AGAIN, I will say, I feel bad for those that are homeless due to circumstances beyond their control. I do not feel bad for those who are in that situation because they choose not to work.

      • William Denison

        I hope someday you find forgiveness for the man who robbed you. Until then you are just robbing yourself.

      • Sally

        How, exactly, am I robbing myself just because I don’t appreciate being threatened and having the money THAT I WORKED FOR taken by some creep who is too lazy to get a job?
        I am really not a cold hearted person, William, but, I also don’t think that I deserved to be treated like that. Why should I follow the rules and do the right thing just so someone else doesn’t have to?

      • Guest

        They spend their time holding signs at the local walmart instead of going out and finding a job. They take kids and pets with them so people will feel sorry for them and give them money.

    • Guest

      William, are you homeless? Why not give everything away, your internet, cell phone, home, clothes and live like they do. You support in what they do, then be one of them and tell yourself then you should find a job and help yourself!

  • fair

    homeless people should pick up some hours from Wal-Mart or they can go to Iowa Workforce Center to pick up some hours there … The people who are working for the GOV. that make more than $75,000 need to reduce their salary.

  • Ishmale Whale

    Are there a few aggressive homeless people? Yes. Are there people with homes, who are also aggressive, steal and rob? Yes. As far as the homeless camps, as long as they are out of the way, the kind if you didn’t already know it was there you would not know, and they are not bothering anyone…let them be. One missing paycheck could put me in that position, and I was homeless once when my house burned down and I could not afford insurance.
    If you want to be upset about those living off of the taxpayers, look at every politician. Every dollar they get is from the taxpayers. They live in mansions, have security, and look at the common citizen as their subjects. We are paying for THEM to live the way they do, and look how messed up the country is because of them…and we keep on paying them. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing the same way every time and expecting a different outcome. I’ll give a homeless person $20 before I would ever give a politician a donation.

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