Infant Caught in Middle of Double Shooting

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Des Moines police are investigating a shooting that happened near Broadlawns Medical Center Monday afternoon.

It happened around 2:30 p.m. Police say two armed men were pounding on the door of 1620 Hickman and then pointed guns at a woman in the house, demanding money.  Cynthia Walden said inside was her daughter.

"She`s shaken, very shaken.  She said mom I don`t understand I don`t know what`s going on, they just kicked in my door and put a gun to her head and said give me all the money," says Walden.

At the same time Walden said her daughter's boyfriend pulled up to the home in a black car with the couple's three month old daughter inside.

"My grand-baby was in the car when her dad was trying to get the person off of him, they shot him in the car and he was holding onto his baby," says Walden.

The man was grazed by a bullet on his leg and was treated at the scene.

Police believe the car was shot at twice, once through the windshield the other through the trunk, missing the three month old.

"I thank God that there is a God that blessed my baby to make it out alive," says Walden.

Police say that's when the suspects ran away.

"It's unknown if they were both armed or if just one was armed however both individuals fled southbound from that address," says Sgt. Jason Halifax.

Police say it's possible one of those suspects ended up about two blocks away on Lincoln Avenue.

A man was found there suffering from one possibly two gun shot wounds to his chest.

Police won't say for sure if the man with the gunshot wound is in fact one of the suspects or how he ended up shot but have reason to believe the shootings are connected.

"Obviously we can`t say definitively if this was victim from up on Hickman Road but it seems very likely they`re tied together," says Sgt. Halifax.

Walden says she'll be saying extra prayers tonight that her family made it out okay.

"I say them everyday, everyday," says Walden.

The suspects ran South, away from the home.

Police are still searching for a suspect or suspects in the case.


      • plynitsafe

        Isn’t That the Truth !! This Type of thing is happening more often and it is Metro wide and Suburb wide. I Don’t know Why people have to question “What Side of Town” an incident happens.” Thank goodness that baby is okay !! Prayers out to “Grandma” and the Family.

  • The Phantom

    Roccob wait to show complete ignorance. My comment was about the neighborhood and Ginger statistically if you look where the majority of shootings and violent crime occur it is within 2 miles of this neighbhood. The city continually tries with additional programs and added police coverage. The change has to come from within. It was at one time a fantastic neighborhood It just has gotten out of control in the last 30 years.

  • 16th and Lincoln

    are you fricken serious I live right down the street, this neighborhood has all races, I happen to be white but that’s neither here nor there. Several families are hard working law biding people, a few are no good but that’s everywhere. Have some compassion we all bleed red.

    • 16th and Lincoln

      don’t forget all the children that live in “that neighborhood” do they not deserve help

  • losliberalessonmastontosguemierda

    studies show 80-90% violence is due to drugs. personally, i think it’s higher…..ya wanna reduce the violence…..get rid of cash….. everyone uses plastic for a couple of years……..other countries have done it….. it works…. BUT, get ready for a big rush of people going to re-hab clinics…..

    • plynitsafe

      I Agree !! Go to “Plastic” .. I Don’t Carry ANY Cash on me EVER !! I Only use Plastic. The ONLY time I do have to have “Cash” is when I go to the Laundry mat. But? I go Straight to my bank, Pull out Only what I need. Any Change left over? Goes into a small coffee can. Once it is around half full? That goes to the bank and Stays there. ( So Anyone tries to rob me? You Don’t get nothing. I don’t even wear a watch. LOL’ )

    • KayCee

      This is about the stupidest thing I ever heard of. You think things happen because of CASH money? It happens because of CURRENCY period, because drugs make more profit than any other job… you can be certain that having paper in their hand is no different. Druggies and drug dealers will always find their way. And it’s amazing how in the 27 years I have lived, in all the drugs I have ever touched (mostly weed), I have NEVER known anyone within my circles to be violent or have weapons or ANYTHING else. They were just just drug dealers/users. Your WHOLE system of thinking here is silly, and without rationality.

  • William Denison

    Where was Joni Ernst? Was she the shooter? I think she had something to do with this. She may be having hot flashes and on edge. just sayin.

  • Tim

    Did the gentleman not charged, due to self defense, have a permit to carry? Did the reporter ask this question? Did the police? Are we enforcing gun laws?

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