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Weekend Winner Would Be Loser Under New Proposal

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DES MOINES, Iowa - "Shocking." "Stunning." "Wow." David Young has heard all of those descriptions after his unexpected win in Iowa's Third Congressional District convention Saturday. But he wouldn't have had the chance if a new proposal would have been in place.

Young finished a distant fifth in the six-person field on primary night. No candidate earned the necessary minimum 35% support in that contest, so that forced the race to convention. At convention 513 delegates decided the winner, after an all-day, five round battle where the candidate with the fewest votes got eliminated each round. Young ended the day victorious.

Following the win, State Senator Brad Zaun, an Urbandale Republican, proposed changing the rules on how races are decided. Zaun finished second to Young in the convention. He had the most votes on primary night and led every round of voting on convention balloting, except for the last one that Young won.

Zaun wants a runoff system instead of convention. If no one wins on primary night, the top two candidates would face off in a runoff election, under Zaun's plan.

Monday, Governor Terry Branstad said changing to a runoff "might be worth considering." He said, "This is our law and this is the system we presently have. But a number of states have gone to a runoff."

The governor did praise Young for his win, though, and said Young won, in part, because he ran a clean election and didn't attack other Republican candidates.

Before Saturday's convention, Iowa hadn't needed a convention to choose a nominee for Congress since 2002. That is when Steve King, a state senator at the time, won the nomination for Iowa's 5th Congressional District. That district no longer exists because of redistricting based on Iowa's stagnant population.


  • William Denison

    What’s that annoying high pitch sound I’m hearing? Oh, its just Iowa’s dysfunctional republican party crying like babys with a full diapers. They can’t even lead themselves and yet they want to keep leading our state. What a joke.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    Young ran a clean election that included an unlawful text spam campaign ran by a company marketing itself as a warning system for public schools and families.

    But it doesn’t really matter, since every candidate was cut from the same corrupt neocon, religious hypocrite cloth.

    But maybe Mr. Young should be worried, as a drug abusing sociopath, Mr. Zaun has had some legal problems in the past when scorned…

  • do ur job

    Im sure that if the powers that be really wanted Zaun, they woud have paved a way for Zaun to win in some corrupt neocon fashion (sarcasm). Too bad that Young is clean shaven, he could’ve done a cheesy ad shaving his stache. Pigs and guns are taken, too. Maybe, a baseball theme?

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