State Patrol Releases Video of Gubernatorial Candidate’s Speeding Incident

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ALTOONA, Iowa -- Newly released video from the Iowa State Patrol shows the incident where Democratic candidate for governor, Jack Hatch, a Des Moines State Senator, got caught speeding through a construction zone on Interstate 80 in Altoona May 19th.

The dash cam video shows the trooper telling dispatch that he clocked Hatch's Ford Escape three different times traveling 68 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone. After pulling over Hatch's vehicle, the trooper told the dispatcher Hatch claimed, "He thought he was going with the flow of traffic."

The trooper didn't ticket Hatch for driving in a construction zone, saying the workers were behind a concrete wall at the time and speeding vehicles weren't an immediate safety threat to them. The trooper also dropped Hatch's ticket to show he had been driving 65 miles per hour. The troopers' decisions saved Hatch hundreds of dollars. Hatch faced a ticket of $114. He could have had to pay a ticket of $465.

Hatch's campaign released this statement to Channel 13 News.

"I released the information to the media as soon as I was picked up and then immediately paid the ticket and took responsibility for my actions.  This is in contrast to the Governor's actions, as he fired the agent who dared speak about his vehicle traveling a 'hard 90' in north central Iowa.  It's an important contrast."

Hatch's statement refers to former D.C.I. Agent Larry Hedlund who got fired after clocking an SUV carrying Governor Terry Branstad, Hatch's 2014 general election opponent, driving nearly 90 miles per hour. Hedlund complained to superiors that the trooper driving the governor did not receive a ticket at the time. Hedlund later got fired.

The governor's office said Hedlund lost his job because of other various disciplinary problems. The trooper driving the governor that day later received and paid  ticket for speeding.

Court records confirm Hatch paid the ticket for his own speeding incident.

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Update: Governor Branstad's campaign issued a response to the release of the video.

"Our campaign will continue to focus on issues that are truly important to Iowans," Spokesman Tommy Schultz said in an email.



  • BrutallyHonest

    State Troopers give people breaks like this all the time (just never me HAHA). He also was probably going with the flow of traffic. Good job to the trooper for doing his job. At least no one was fired for pulling him over (Brandstad) and he did accept and pay his ticket.

  • politicalhack

    I’m not a fan of Jack Hatch, but I was pulled over in the same area for the same thing. The trooper knocked my speed down and did not apply the work zone violation because I was honest. This is a non story that Hatch is now using for political purposes. That is the story

    • Mike Cee

      If you were pulled over in that area then you are just as much of an idiot as Hatch is. I drive that stretch several times a week and I’ve always managed to follow the speed limits out of respect for both the workers and the speed limit laws. I see plenty of morons speeding, and I see plenty of those same morons pulled over getting a ticket.

      Although I do appreciate your stupidity tax (speeding ticket) gift to the state. I encourage you to keep it up so the rest of us pay lower taxes and automobile insurance rates.

  • Hugo S LaVia

    Dave “lispy” Price — is he on the WHO payroll or does his money cum straight from Terry’s checkbook? I would not watch WHO under a court order.

  • What Was I Thinking?

    Hey, wonder if the Des Moines Register will yammer endlessly about this incident. Oh wait–nope, they won’t. Hatch is off limits as a Democrat.

  • thebullishmoose

    People get tickets, it happens. I don’t think any less of Hatch for getting this. I do think less of him for using it as a way to gain political points by spinning the speeding story about Brandstad. Terry Brandstad wasn’t driving a “hard 90”. The police officer driving his car was driving. Big difference.

  • William Denison

    Is this the same Iowa Highway Patrol that looked the other way when Terry Branstads son Eric killed two people while driving drunk and high?

  • Alicia

    I was pulled over under similar circumstances. I was the only vehicle on the highway, a vehicle rapidly approached me from behind (aprox 90-100mph). I had to swerve to the right lane almost in the ditch to avoid being rear ended. I honked (probably a bit excessively) because I was scared to death, angry, and six months pregnant. To my surprised the unmarked shiny new charger popped on his lights and waited for me to pass him so he could pull me over. He asked why I honked at him, I explained my obvious reason for honking, and then was scolded for being a know it all city kid with no respect for authority. After questioning about his lack of sirens or lights he told me that he was not required by law to use them if in pursuit of a speeder (that he claimed he was chasing down. I was the ONLY person on the highway for miles). I called BS and he wrote me a friendly citation for improper display of my license plate, and told me to stop driving in the “fast lane” of the highway. I wish I would have been tech savvy enough to record him.

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