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Bail Bondsman Shoots Suspect’s Car During West Des Moines Chase

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
bail bondsman chase

A bail bondsman shot at Jordan Young’s car during a chase in West Des Moines. (WHO-HD)

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – West Des Moines police are investigating a bail bondsman’s attempt to bring a wanted man into custody.

The incident started with a car crash involving the bail bondsmen and the man they were chasing, Jordan Young, at about 3:15 p.m. Wednesday.

At some point police say a bail bondsman shot at Young, 27, hitting the driver-side door.

Young then fled west on Grand Avenue stopping west of Raccoon River Park. He then jumped into the river to avoid arrest.

West Des Moines police took over from there.

“Our officers tried to negotiate with this guy to come out of the river. He refused to comply. Eventually he realized that due to the high flood conditions and the swift water it was in his best interest to come out. Our officers helped by throwing him a floatation device and a rope and we helped pull him out of the water,” Sgt. Ken O’Brien said.

The suspect was wanted on theft, drug and weapons charges.

Police say the entire incident remains under investigation including why the bail bondsman fired a shot at the suspect’s car.


  • William Denison

    Dog the bounty hunter would of never shot at someone. He would of just bored them to death praying to some ghost that grants wishs.

  • I throw rocks at retards

    Why does WHO not report who the bailbonds man is? Kinda a big part of the story I’d say.Because WHO did such a half baked job reporting of this story I throw a rock at them. =====O

    • Sweaty Betty magic fingers

      Is Joni Ernst working as a part time bail bondsmen? She loves guns and has Iowa values. ;) What ever that even means….

  • Katherine

    Two thoughts come to mind……
    1. To bad the bounty hunter missed the loser.
    2. To bad the loser didn’t drown himself.

  • mae

    All of you should probably know the bail bondsman’s side of the story before you start making rude comments and accusations. They are both great guys and did the right thing.

  • JOJO

    Wow people are pretty quick to hang these bondsmen out to dry. Have you ever skipped your bail or ran from the court system? Honest question…. Do any of you bashing these guys even know how the bail system works?

    The fact that these men were not detained nor charged with any crime at the time of the shooting leaves me to believe that they did nothing legally wrong.

    Are there people working for these companies out there under educated or not properly trained? Sure . You have that in every aspect of any job. There are many who are qualified and use proper legal procedures as well.
    There are also many out there who have done this job for years and others who are highly trained individuals who are equipped to do this type of work. Its a dangerous job. Some say more so than Law enforcement since there is no one to back you up while chasing these badguys.

    Honestly you should be thanking these guys that this person is in jail and facing the judge instead of running your streets selling drugs and swapping guns.

    There are no cameras to incriminate the people that BEA Agents/Bondsmen chase.. Making this job much more dangerous.

    There are very few cases that call for any defense with a firearm. Its just sad that when one does pop up that people , the media and so on frown upon them. Without any injury this guy was taken into custody. Job well done.
    Even if he would of been shot, with his history making the wrong move when your running from bail agents or even if he would of been running from law enforcement you will get a reaction if you look like your reaching for a firearm or making any type of motion of such. Hes honestly lucky, if it were LE and they had his past in their face before walking up to the car and he made that move. He would of most likely been dead right there!

  • Anonymous due to line of work

    I work in Bail Enforcement, we chased this guy this past spring. He always ran and always had a firearm. We are not the agency who bonded him this time, however I know the ones who did and I would have reacted in the same manner, however I wouldn’t have stopped with one round knowing his history, in my opinion these Agents showed great restraint…

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