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Governor’s Attorney ‘Knew of Secret Settlements’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DES MOINES, Iowa - The legislative session ended nearly two months ago, but the oversight committee is still hard at work. The committee is trying to figure out who approved secret settlements to former state employees and where the money came from.

Former Department of Administrative Services attorney Ryan Lamb said the governor’s attorney, Brenna Findley, knew of the settlements. She told him to be careful about sending written documents about the settlements to other people and that if he talked about it, it should only be through verbal communication.

Lamb said he occasionally consulted with Findley and considered her a person of authority over him.

Lamb testified Wednesday after the oversight committee subpoenaed him more than a month ago.

Former DAS director Mike Carroll also testified Wednesday for the second time calling Lamb a liar.  In his testimony he claimed he knew about the employee settlements but claimed Lamb had told him confidentially clauses did not exist.

“I knew nothing about money being exchanged for a confidentiality clause in any of the agreements. Prior to my testimony on April 3, I asked Ryan Lamb if that had occurred and he told me no,” Carroll said.


  • William Denison

    Terry Branstad is a corrupt liar and a disgrace to the people Iowa. Not to mention a low life bully. How can anyone support trash like he and his circle? Are Iowans that stupid ? I’m beginning to think so. This is not a game or some fun record to try and make for serving as gov. This is about the 1000’s of people lives here who he dumped on while thinking of himself as King Corncob .He’s king of hush money and lies only.

  • Sweaty Betty magic fingers

    Blacklisting people? Paying people to shut up? Spending tax my tax dollars to commit these crimes. Who does that? Next thing ya know Branstad will have a hit list if he don’t already have one. He should be jailed.

  • Just a Mom

    Funny how everyone know things except Branstad. His new ad is so irritating. Where’s all the new jobs he’s talking about?

  • John

    along with knowing nothing, breaking the law by closing workforce sites and the juvenile school, and breaking 90 (but not knowing why the other cars look like they were parked on the interstate), Terry the Iowa Embarrassment has resorted to practical jokes to score political points by presenting himself as Jack Hatch on the internet…. Absolutely no character or integrity.

  • Bob

    Blacklist, why not? Do people know the cost of hiring, training, evaluating, counseling, then firing employees? Why should Iowa taxpayers pay for repeated hiring of incompetent people? Secret settlements??? They are quite popular and useful in the business world. This, afterall, is Jack Hatch’s only hope. Stick something must stick.

    • John

      we are all paying for the repeated hiring of Branstad. The aging electorate associates Branstads name with the pleasant times their children were home and we hadn’t had 3 Bush wars with his actually doing anything for Iowa. From refusing to extradite a drunk driver to Puerto Rico, or allow his own child to suffer the consequences the rest of us would, to giving away millions of dollars and allowing the devastation of our environment all the way up to this cover-up pleading of ignorance when we pay him (twice) to know, Branstad has done nothing but embarass and ruin this state. The problem isn’t the Blacklist, it’s the secrecy behind it and the mistakes (thank God we don’t have a death penalty in this state for the governor to meddle with)

  • Bryce

    That’s politics in state and federal government anymore! Our elected officials are getting more corrupt all the time! It’s called power and money!! It’s time we the people clean house and get these politicians out of office and start over new! Get individuals voted in who are not about money and power and sincerely are working for US, the people of Iowa!
    Let’s clean house!!!

  • Dawn W.

    Either way, I think it reflects poorly on Branstad. Either he knew and is potentially breaking the law, or he didn’t know when apparently a significant portion of his staff did and shows a definite lack of leadership.

  • Slice of Realtiy

    I worked for a large Iowa company that shut down a division a couple of years ago. We were offered “stay bonuses” to stay on until the last day or a predetermined time. I had to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that I would not disclose the amount I was to receive to anyone (including other employees or anyone other than my immediate family members) or I would be fired and not recieve a dime. That’s because some people get more than others. In the State of Iowa’s case these were employees who were fired and sued the state because they felt they were terminated unjustly. All these cases had to go to arbitration. The amounts provided were for settlements, i.e., for not going to court, which would cost the state more money. Did Brandstad know about these settlements, sure he hid, how could he not, People sue their employers all the time and settlements are made and yes they sign confidentiality agreements, The fact that there were confidentiality agreements is a total non issue. This is not new, nor is it illegal. What Branstard probably didn’t know about, was where the money was coming from. They used federal funds for this and that was illegal. These settlements can be authorized through arbitration, but some unscrupulous person can screw the whole thing up by misapproprating the funds, which is what happened here. Branstad my not have, and most likely didn’t know DAS was using federal funds. This committee is a hoax, just grandstanding to keep this on the minds of Iowans to try and help demd at the polls in November.

    • Memaa

      How much hush money do you think the family of the two people Eric Branstad killed got from his daddy? I’m betting alot. Maybe even tax dollars and or campaign funds.

      • Slice of Realtiy

        You only see the angle you want to see. Courts let criminals walk every day. POTUS lets illegal immigrant criminals out of jail to run free and endanger our citizens. And yes, the governor probably used every infuence he could to save his son, who is not and has not been a danger to society since. Where you should be pointing your anger is at the idiots that let this type of thing happen. No judge or prosicuter had to let Eric off. They had the final decision. If they had any morals and stood up for what was right the kid would have been in jail regardless of what the govenor did.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    There are options:
    1) Branstad is a corrupt sociopath without actual capacity for honesty. This would be my choice based on personal experience with him.

    2) Branstad has a standing rule of giving his cronies free reign as long as they don;t get caught, and maintains a set level of “plausible deniability”.

    3) Branstad is just a smiling stick puppet with absolutely no control or awareness of his own people’s actions.

    All 3 of course support what many already know, the scumbag should be run out of office along with every elected official in the state house and replaced with honest people.

    But Iowa won’t elect honest people, and the main reason is there aren’t any honest politicians.

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