Dad, Dispatcher Helps Osceola Mom Give Birth off I-35

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DES MOINES, Iowa - An Osceola couple was en route to the hospital overnight to deliver their baby when things took an unexpected turn.

Jessica and her husband Paul were expecting their third child so when Jessica's contractions started they knew the drill.

"I had one at eight minutes and that one hurt and I said let`s go and we called his mom and got in the car.  By the time we made it to the interstate they were within three minutes," said Jessica.

The couple, who didn't want to give their last name, still had 30 miles to drive to reach Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines when Jessica's water broke.

"I had another contraction and I said 'her heads out, we`re not going to make it there,'" said Jessica.

Paul called 911 and pulled over on exit 52 in Saint Charles and had dispatch walk him through the delivery.

"She told us step by step what to do and I just followed her lead," said Paul.

Jessica said he remained calm.

"He came running around and he said you`re going to have to push for me so I pushed once and there she was," said Jessica.

However, their new baby girl was in distress.

"The cord was wrapped around her neck when she was born so Paul removed the cord and wiped her down and she didn't breath right away so dispatch told him to rub her back, so Paul rubbed her back and she started crying," said Jessica.

Capture2Gracie Lee was born just after midnight, weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces.  She was named after her unique arrival.

"We decided that just by the Grace of God she was safe and healthy so thought it was kind of fitting," said Jessica.

Both mother and baby are doing well and dad says he'll never look at exit 52 the same again.

"We`ll drive past exit 52 and think differently of it now , yes, give it a little wave," said Paul.

This is the third child for Jessica and Paul. They have two girls back in Osceola ages three and one.


  • Mary Lou Parker

    As a retired EMT on a rescue hearing the news that mom and baby were doing well is great news. These kinds of calls are always a little scary and I have been on a few of them on my 26yrs on the rescue. God bless Gracie and thank you for having a wonderful dispatcher who told them what to do and when.

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