Suspect in Monday Shooting Escaped from Eldora Training School

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines police have named a suspect in a home invasion and shooting Monday in Des Moines.

Police are searching for 16-year-old Fermani Jose Maldonado. He is facing first degree robbery and first degree burglary charges for an incident that happened near Broadlawns Hospital.

Police say Maldonado and 32-year-old Tyree Young were armed when they forced their way into 1620 Hickman around 2:30 p.m. Monday and demanded money.

As the men were leaving, a man who lives at the home arrived in a car with an infant in the back seat. The suspects fired at the vehicle and the driver fired back.

The driver suffered a graze wound to his leg and one of the suspects, Young, was hit in the chest. Both suspects ran away and Young was found about a block away after he collapsed.

Officials say they’ve been unable to find Maldonado and are asking for the public’s help. In addition to the burglary and robbery charges, Maldonado has two warrants for his arrest for absconding from the Boys Training School in Eldora. On May 15, Maldonado was given permission to attend a family funeral and failed to return.

If you have any information on Maldonado’s location you’re asked to contact the Des Moines Police Department at 283-4811 or Polk County Crime Stoppers at 223-1400.


  • William Denison

    The folks running the Eldora Training School almost had the blood of a baby on their hands.Nice work there folks. Its time to close down that failed institution and place those young men in the big house.

  • Central Iowa Man

    And what would your response be if this were a private institution? I don’t see a four oaks or piney ridge being any better at controlling juvenile delinquents.

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