VIDEO: Overhead View of Saylorville Lake Flood Gates

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SAYLORVILLE LAKE, Iowa -- We're getting a bird's-eye view of swollen Saylorville Lake.

John Sieck sent us this drone footage from above the spillway and other parts of the lake.

The spillway gates are fully open, and at the current rate, and without any more rain, the lake is predicted to crest Saturday at 865.8 feet above sea level. That's two feet lower than Tuesday's predictions.

The beaches and all but two of the boat ramps are closed because of the rising water levels. Only the Lakeview and Cherry Glen ramps are still open.

Boaters can expect everything else to stay shut down until sometime in August.

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  • concerned citizen

    Went across the mile long bridge and I would say there is tons of debris everywhere making the water unsafe!

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